The “DL”

22 08 2007

So Did Zagurski get placed on the real DL for people like Utley, Victorino and Michael (Jason) Bourn?

Or is he on the same “DL” as Eaton and Barajas? You know the DL for guys that have been really really awful for a really really long time until nobody can take it anymore so the team pretends they are injured to save them the embarassment of getting benched.

I didn’t know Barajas hurt his groin until like yesterday… Nobody talks about him anymore…. He is dead to the Phils and I am Ok with that….The Bat has obviously started using Barajas’ Locker for extra storage and a mini-fridge.

Mercifully Eaton came down with his injury just before his last start. Normally this would be a nice opportunity for a pitcher to sort himself out and pump up for a solid finish, but I’m pretty sure Burrell keeps taunting Eaton while he throws his bullpens because he still can’t believe that Eaton pinch ran for him 2 months ago. How’s a guy supposed to work on his stuff with the most intimidating presence in the NL making it rain on him? He can’t….He just can’t.

Anyway… The reason for this particular blurb is; I wonder what the Bat is going to do to assert Alpha Male Dominance over Zagurski now that he is on the fake DL.





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