what the sexy crimes is all about

23 08 2007

the inspiration behind this blog is to give the perspective of a couple of fans that live 3000 miles(vancouver) from the one thing that matters most in their sporting lives… the philadelphia phillies.  there will be no in-depth analysis of stats, breakdowns of match-ups and certainly no sabremetrics here, because when it comes right down to it thats what not what our love of the phil-bags is all about.  it’s all about spending your entire vacation time(and waaay too much money) from work to do a roadie through la and san diego to watch the phillies on a west coast swing, it’s about being threatened by guys with teardrop tattoos in the top deck of dodger stadium because you are wearing phillies gear, it’s about meeting cole hamels at a dive bar in san diego and doing a celebratory dance afterwards, it’s about yelling at the top of your lungs to chase utley that you will make out with him if he hits a home run and then having him send a blast over the centerifeld wall at petco while you look awkwardly around your section trying to look like you didn’t actually mean it but knowing deep down that if chase was there it would be a different story. 

united countries of baseball map edited to show our region of phillies nationphillies northwest nation




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