Ok, What do I do now SERIOUSLY

24 08 2007

I’m at home in Positivetown…aka Beautiful White Rock British Columbia… Having a sexual bbq with some of my closest friends…. Well Jana decides she is going to bring her little buddy who lives in New York but is back to visit….Fine! Whatever! NBD (No Big Deal)…. She has a fashionable male friend who looks like he spends a fair amount of time in the morning making his hair look like he didn’t spend a fair amount of time working on his hair in the morning…. he seems nice. His name is Zack.

 I say “Hi Zack, I’m Steve…Are you from New York too?”

He says. “Yes, I am”

Steve:  “So are you a Yankees fan? Or do I have a Mets fan in my house?”

Obviously thinking that the Mets are the lesser of two evils he says:

“No, don’t worry I’m Mets all the way….I (get this) LOVE the Mets”

Wrong answer….Wrong fucking answer….

Steve: I’m sorry to hear that because you are in a Phillies household pal…. A PHILLIES HOUSEHOLD….”

I proceed to tell him that I respect his sweater and the stylish collared shirt that pokes out of it, but that I’m just not sure that I can allow him to stay

He proceeds to question how I could possibly be a Phil-bags fan when I live on the other side of North America

 I ignore that question and proceed to question his integrity….

He questions the talent of the Phillies…..

I question the strength of his jaw, hold back and then begin to Catalogue all the reasons why the Phillies are so much doper than the Mets…. Burrell’s ass, Meyers’s spousal abuse and Cole Hamels’ birth all factor prominently in my argument by the way.

I decide against listening to his retort and tell him to behave himself in Phillie-town.  He reluctantly obliges… He is actually a very nice person but I just can’t help but think that I should really do something terribly mean to him tonight so that he knows that his allegiance to the Mets will not be tolerated in Vancouver or any of her suburbs.

 I have been wearing my Phillies jersey since he started popping off.

I’m out


This is 5 hours later: I got pics of him wearing a phillies jersey and liking it (I may have been forcing his thumb up and holding his head) but there are pics of him wearing a phils j and liking it….if only I knew how to edit pics it would be posted by now

 Vancouver P-Bag fans 1 – NYC Mets Fans 0






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