I’m not too sure about this but….

28 08 2007

My Abacus may be broken, but by my calculations, if The Bat played all 162 regular season games against the Mets he would have about 125 homeruns and close to 600 RBI’s… pretty good year. 

Glad he got pulled at the end of the 6th too…. he must have been exhausted after playing the entire game on Sunday…. My sources tell me that he didn’t really mind the full 9 on Sunday though because it was a day game so he had plenty of time to pre-drink before hitting the discos and picking up 6 or 7 different women within the first 20 minutes.

Jason “Stone Cold Pimp” Werth is on the verge of something special.  I am so happy that I will actually be watching the game tomorrow to see it….. it’s totally happening.

 Eaton is coming back tomorrow with something to prove…mostly to me. 

My gut feeling is that Cole has spent the last 3 or 4 days learning how to throw a mean sinker and a sick slider with his right arm to go along with his 100+ mph fastball…..just so he can show the Braves a different look….So all is well on that front.

Obviously Utley is the best baseball player alive….

 Meyers doesn’t get enough love from the Sexy Criminals but that will change soon.  The Bat really should have let him loose.  He loves hitting people.

I think that is all for now…..

A special thanks to Russell Branyan for winning us that game in Washington.  I really wish you didn’t get designated…… I miss you already.

It should have been Barajas.





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