utley is a mesh hat!!!

28 08 2007


– 3 for 5, a home run and an rbi double off the wall.  UNREAL.  i can only imagine what the atmosphere was like in the bank last night.  now leading the NL in batting by the way, .339

– jayson werth is the balls, also whoever wrote “w.pipp” above victorino’s locker is hialrious(definitely sounds like something that pat the bat could have been involved in)

– speaking of the bat, he had another great day at the dish and obviously enjoyed having the last few innings off yesterday to throw down a couple cocktails and make fun of billy wagner

– david wright is my enemy, he has a face that just looks like it needs to be punched… i hope someone pins him in the ribs with a fastball today

– ps. i am predicting 6 2/3, 5 hits, 2 walks, 2 runs, and 4 k’s for eaton today.  i have a really good feeling that he is going to bring it




3 responses

28 08 2007
Texas Gal

From your mouth to God’s ear. Or at least Eaton’s arm.

28 08 2007

Perman your predictions were close enough sir….. best Phils game we have ever viewed together (besides the ones we saw live)…… Like the Mets even had a chance

28 08 2007

Ry Ho’s homer tonight drove the CBP absolutely INSANE. I high-fived people I had never met before and I heckled eight-year-old Mets fans. It was like…playoff baseball. Fabulous.

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