it’s a walk off…

29 08 2007

owen wilson during happier times

what a night, great day to be a phillies fan… watched the game with p-line and a couple of mets fans last night and thoroughly enjoyed rubbing the victory in their collective faces.  a couple of shout outs and apologies for the blog today.


1. ry-how… obvi

2. The grounds crew at CBP: it was quite a feat to know that in the bottom of the 8th bacon pants was going to hit a dribbler down the 3rd base line and to groom the field accordingly to keep it from going foul.

3. paul lo duca: thanks for your defensive effort yesterday, that throw into centerfield was pretty vital to our comeback… also your disgusting posture and body make me feel better about myself on a daily basis

4. malones staff:  despite forgetting to take our drink orders for a good 15 minutes when we got there, we really appreciate you putting the phils game on the big tv instead of the sox-yanks.  phil bags are 2 for 2 so far in games i watch there, chances of me being there again today, roughly 200%

5. eaton: an inning off and a few strikeouts lower than my prediction, but still a really good start for coming off the DL.

6. the wind at CBP: thanks for keeping that carlos delgado/malik yoba (if you don’t see the similarity you are blind) “pop up” in the park in the 6th… thought we were cooked

7. phillies bullpen: especially romero(3 huge k’s) and myers(6 consecutive outs).  all in all 4.1 innings, 1 hit, no runs, 4 k’s


1. young hustle’s rib cage: sorry about pummeling you in the solarpexis,  i felt at the time it was the only acceptable celebration for rollins’ and howard’s homeruns.  i can’t help myself, ask prystie about what it was like watching the OC next to me.

2. carlos beltran: that pitch was meant for d. wright.  eaton must have misread the sexy crimes yesterday.  that being said you probably deserved it, and wright yours is still coming buddy

3. tom glavine: 7 innings, no runs… that’s a tough loss.  your sideburns(or lack there of) look like shit though, sort it out

4. pat “the bat” burrel: sorry you never get to score your own runs and that you probably missed howard’s walk off because you were back in the clubhouse drinking patron with a couple of models.

5. tigers fans: kc royals, ouch

6. reyes fans: maybe if he took off a necklace or two he could hope to be half the player rollins is in the field… werth is not that fast, true story

7. malones staff/patrons: sorry you had to endure seeing p-line and i doing our celebration dance after ry-how went deep *note* the dance was VERY SIMILAR to the “we just met cole hamels dance”





2 responses

31 08 2007
Texas Gal

That could possibly be the best photoshop ever. If not the best, certainly at least in the top 10. I think it’s because RyHo looks so darned tickled.

Please predict a win for each of our pitchers before all the remaining games. If it worked for Eaton…

1 09 2007

I demand a YouTube video of the “We just met Cole Hamels” dance.

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