phillies playoff prospects

7 09 2007

the mets have a magic number now(19)… not good news for the NL east crown(after our 3 game set against the mets we will either be completely out of it, or completely back in it imo), so for now lets look at the wildcard race and let the chips fall where they may in the east for the time being.

Here are the schedules to finish out the season for all the teams in contention:

Phillies: FLA, COL(4), @NYM, @STL, @WASH(4), ATL, WASH

San Diego: @COL, @LAD, SF, PIT, COL, @SF, @MIL(4)

Arizona: STL, @SF, @LAD, SF, LAD, @PIT, @COL


Colorado: SD, @PHI(4), @FLA, LAD, @SD, @LAD, ARI

You will notice that the other teams in the wild card hunt(due to the fact that they are in the same division) are forced to play each other between 3 and 6 times whereas we only play another contender in the race 1 time.  I could easily see all of those teams coming out of the end of the season playing .500 or so on the way out.  except san diego, i have basically already crowned their asses in the NL west

I figure if the phillies can come out of their next 7 games with a winning record, preferably 5-2, don’t shit the bed against our tough opponents(nym, atl) and then finish the season strong(10 out of 13 games against stl and wash, and last 6 at home… if we don’t dominate that stretch we don’t deserve the ‘loffs) that we will have an excellent chance of reaching the postseason.

that being said that loss on wednesday was brutal, and this whole formula would run a lot smoother if we could stop having to rely on chris roberson for anything other than fetching the bats post game cocktails

*note as i write this the phils are currently losing 4-buzz to the marlins… means nothing though since byung-hyun kim is prominently involved in the marlins success

either way, basically what i am saying is that the dream of prystline and i cashing in these sportsbook tickets in vegas in late october is still alive and well(also, i have added several more casinos, and the grand total of our winnings once the phillies take the crown is about $1700) 


PS.  cole come back soon, we miss you.  see you at dick’s in san diego in october




3 responses

10 09 2007

Ha. I’ve got $20 at the Monte Carlo sports book riding on the Phils to win it all. I’ve been carrying my ticket in my wallet since July.

10 09 2007

By far the hottest sports bet there is the one placed at the Aladdin- it’s going to be tough to cash in that one. Customer service at the Planet Hollywood sports bar is TERRIBLE.

11 09 2007

I have but one word for you: PAT!!!!!

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