good thing they aren’t called the boulder rockies

11 09 2007

or else that could be considered a conflict of interests for yours truly.  but luckily for everyone involved they are not, and i can continue to wish them ill will with no twangs of guilt whatsoever.  big game last night, setting the phils up for a series victory that would all but eliminate the rockies from the wild card race and let them fall perfectly into the role of spoiler for the rest of the nl west teams.  a few notes from last nights game…

1. sounds like lohse pitched a pretty solid game.  i am liking what we are getting from him, gives us a chance to win every game and with our bats that is all we really need

2. jose mesa is DEAD TO ME… i really do not want to hear his name again for the rest of the season, there has to be enough arms out there now that we do not need to use him again EVER

3. huge shoutout to my boy ryan white… he’s the fan in right field who knocked the grandslam homerun back into the park in the 4th inning forcing the umps to call it a ground rule double, only scoring 2.

4. pat the bat’s 3 run dinger was absolutely launched out of the park in the 7th inning

great alpha widestance follow through on his homerun swing

look at that alpha male widestance follow through… no question that this ball was going out of the park.  check out pat the bat’s stats since the inception of the sexy crimes:

AB-68, R-20, H-19, 2B-3, 3B-0, HR-9, RBI-24, BB-12, K-12, SB-0, CS-0

BA-.280, OBP-.388, SLG-.720, OPS-1.109

those are some pretty solid numbers, and you know that at least part of the reason for his success is that the bat is so happy to finally have a blog about himself.  although even our steadfast support of pat has not been enough for him to leg out a triple yet this season, or to steal a base.  you heard it here first though, i have full confidence that he will hit a triple for us before the season is out… be ready for it

5. good thinking sitting howard down for a game to clear his head on sunday.  comes back fresh on monday with a solo homerun and game winning rbi double

6. check out pat the bat’s signature move… arms raised above his head in a fashion very similar to his celebration of rowands catch against the mets

best teammate ever?





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