guess who is happiest about bourn being off the dl?

14 09 2007

THIS GUY... the bat actually caught this one though

thank god the phillies won last nite, puts us in a good postion going down the stretch to take the wildcard.

1. jeff francis- i went to university with this guy and he was a total dork, nice guy, but complete loser… so i was not suprised at all that the phillies alpha male lineup handed his ass to him. 

to give you an idea about francis’ lack of alpha-ness, he had his wedding last summer at a hall in NORTH DELTA??? a multi-million dollar professional ball player having his wedding in a place that holds a bingo game on tuesdays and a bhangra dance party on the second friday of every month.  i am not sure where pat the bat held his nuptials, but i am sure it was somewhere uber-exclusive… like a spaceship

2.  cheers to the 375+ fans that showed up to the marlins-nationals game on wednesday

3. huge shout out to alphonseca for throwing at helton last night. first of all utley gets plunked again, then werth gets nailed in the back and basically (unlike some other phil-bloggers out there) i am sick and tired of seeing phillies players getting nailed without any retribution and was beyond happy to see alphie throw the old 6 finger special at helton’s gay beard

tired of seeing this bull shitalphonseca does something useful for a change

4. starting lineups are in for tonite, werth in rf (victorino starting to look like a super-sub for the rest of the season) and nunez (ew) at 3b.  p-line and i are going to be watching the game at g sports bar… last time we were there we saw an amazing phils comeback led by a) burrells alpha homerun off wagner, b) werth’s stone cold pimp base stealing, c) iguchis jap-pimpness, and d) utleys clutch hitting

5. based on jason bourne’s return to the lineup and subsequent scoring off of jayson werths double (let’s be honest though, how funny would it have been to watch burrell try and score on that play) we have decided to debut one of our features for the site… we call it brown baggin’ with the bat.  the resizing makes the photo a little fuzzy, click on the picture to see it fullsize

brown baggin' with the bat- vol 1 





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15 09 2007

Pat’s enormous, hairy, glistening, oiled chest is appearing everywhere this week it seems. The Ladies… used it this week too.

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