I’m No Good at Titles.

18 09 2007


I haven’t written a post for ages and I’m starting to feel guilty.  I was able to watch the Phils dismantle the Mets on Friday (At Malone’s in Kits…The ONLY place in Vancouver whose staff understands how to work a satellite dish) and your sexy criminals caught the last half on the sexycouch in Positivetown on Saturday.  Unfortunately due to a variety of circumstances (Red wine, BBQ’s, Bowling, Season 4 of Nip/Tuck on DVD) any and all comments, feelings, observations on the past weeks games were erased from my memory… So now I am just going to wing it and see what happens.

 Phillies 13  – Cards 11. 

The Skirtbags had their own slo-pitch game last night so I was unable to sit in front of the computer and watch, but thanks to Perman’s late inning updates I was fighting off panic attacks at the ball field….Until he told me that Branyan was up with 2 out.  I knew he would K looking…. He loves the Phils and wants them to make the playoffs.  He totally could have gone Ya if he wanted to, but the backwards K was just his little way of saying thanks to the team that rescued him from obscurity.  In a way, it’s like he is still on the team.  I like that.

 Also.  Carpenter Pitched the first 3 innings of the Slo-pitch game and left with a 8-3 lead.  Prystline pitched the last 4 out of the bullpen…. Final score…. Skirtbags 15 – Misfits 4.  The point of me telling you this is that I only gave up one run in 4 innings…. Pretty sure I could step right into the Phils bullpen and lead them to the postseason one shutout inning at a time.  Call me Gillick, I’m not doing much.

 If the Phils don’t re-sign Rowand I will cry.


I’m not sure how many Sexyfans there are in Vancouver who have tried to watch a Phils game at any of the local establishments (Not many I’m guessing) but it’s not that easy.  Perman toured the downtown core trying and failing at 3 “sports” bars to find the game.  Unfortunately, nobody in DT knows how to work a satelitte dish and we were shutdown everywhere.  We finally went to Malone’s in Kits where the game was on the air in a matter of minutes.  Thank you Malone’s in Kits…. We will see you again soon.

 These are the Pubs that are dead to me:

Malone’s (Downtown)

72 Sports Bar.

Malone’s is 0 for the last 3 in getting us games on the air.  The server tried to tell us that the opening game of one of the biggest series’ of the year wasn’t on TV anywhere in North America…..We almost believed her.

72 Has Tv’s EVERYWHERE… including personal ones in booths.  When the Bartender asked us if the Phillies were from Philadelphia we packed up and walked right out….

These are the Pubs that have 1 more chance:

G Sports Bar on Granville.

TV’s at every booth with sound (huge upside)…. unfortunately their satellites are always “down”….


 10:23am:  We get it Jim Rome!  “The Phils almost blew and 11-run lead in a pennant race last night”… “almost ruined the season”….”Arsonists in the Bullpen”…”blah blah blah”….. Turn the page pal.

And stop calling it “Phiwwy”….


I was thinking about the ’93 World Series the other day and started to feel pretty bad.  I was a Jays fan back then… I was young and impressionable, Everyone else was cheering for them… they were a Canadian team…. You get the point.  The Jays won and I was really happy…. I hustled around in my little Alomar jersey and hung the “Jays of Thunder” poster on my wall…. I may have even cried when I saw Molitor crying after they won… who knows, I was pretty wimpy. 

I also felt sorry for the Phillies…. I liked their team and their long, gross hair and John Kruk’s fatness and how Shilling could never watch Wild Thing Williams close games.  Obviously Dykstra remains one of my favorite players of all time.  I liked all of them.  Except Mariano Duncan.  He was uglier than Otis Nixon.

 I know this isn’t Therapy, but I just wanted to apologize to the ’93 Phillies for not rooting for them.  I think it will make me feel better… The Grown-up Prystline hates the Jays and can’t stand that 140 of their games are aired locally every season.

I mostly want to apologize to Jim Eisenrich for uncontrollably flailing my arms and legs and screaming swear words whenever I played “Whose batting stance is this?” with my friends….. Tourette’s is not a joke….. even in the World Series.  Kids are such little jerks.


Loved this article on ESPN. #31 on the list is #1 in my Heart…. #100 on the list used to drive drive me nuts everytime he pitched…. It was like clockwork. M’s have a lead, He would come in to pitch, M’s lose lead…. It’s like Pinella had money on the games or something….I heard it was actually because the #100 Man that Fans loved to hate was married to Pinella’s daughter…. How do these crazy rumours get started?  Have you guessed who it is yet.  I’m so glad he was named #100 (He gets his own division)… I still have hate for him in my heart.



Tonight: 67 Pitches – 5.1 IP, 3H, 1ER, 5K’s, 1BB, 3 CPGC’s (Cocky Post Game Comments) 

SHHHHH! Cole’s Back

**Remember.  According to Cole…when he has his stuff, not even Pujols can touch him.**




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18 09 2007

You should feel guilty! Do you know how many times I day I hit F5 on your page?! WRITE MORE YOU TWO ARE FUNNY.

If the Phils don’t re-sign Rowand I will cry.

Well, that makes you, me and Texas Gal.

19 09 2007

And me, too. I can bring the tissues. Hi, I’m Lynn, by the way.

9 06 2008


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