75 PITCHES!!!!

23 09 2007

dealing another strike out

hamels was absolutely dealing today, i am so upset they had him on a 75-pitch count.  after giving up 2 hits and a run in the first cole threw 4 innings of no hit ball, with one walk and 6 k’s(including 4 of his last 5). he also got on base both times he was at the plate, and scored the philles first run.   i listened to the game on the radio and it sounded like the nationals were confounded by what cole was throwing at them, and watching the highlights of his strikeouts definitely confirmed this.

i can see no reason that alfonseca should be used in this situation, after sitting 4 games why would they bring him into a close ballgame??? i know that the phils top 3 relievers were not available, but there were other guys(geary, lohse, condrey, durbin…) and on top of that i am really tired of having to listen to kane davis get behind 2-0 or 3-1 to every batter he faces

anyways, enough of the negativeness… we are still only .5 back of the pads thanks to the rockies and have a much easier last few games than they do.  the double play turned by utley and rollins to get the phils out of the 6th inning jam was amazing.  chutley absolutely has to be a gold glover this year at 2b right?





One response

23 09 2007

Hamels is smiling in this pic because he has just realized that he has “his stuff”…. This was a warm-up pic before the first inning…. sometimes you just know.

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