Prystline’s Tips for Winning a Pennant Race

23 09 2007

It’s very simple;

 1.  No more Alfonseca

2. Stop Striking out 13 times per game….. Honestly! How many times did the phils strikeout during the series?  300?  350?…… I am not being negative by the way (see rules 3 and 4)…. but the only thing worse than K’ing with runners in scoring position is flying out to the infield…..ewwwww SOOOOO GROSS

3.  Optimism

 4. Optimism

 Padres lost.  I met up with my Padres fan friend on Friday and he admitted he was scared.  That’s a good sign folks…… a very good sign.

5.  Be yourself.  Trust me this is the most important rule… Don’t ask me why….. Just ask me how.

Cole Pitched Wonderfully today…… so glad I am carrying his baby!!!!






2 responses

23 09 2007

i miss my summer tan, i want to be all oiled up at dodger stadium again… and when i say dodger stadium i mean the second deck of dodger stadium, i never want to be on the top deck being stared down by scary dodger fans with teardrop tattoos ever again

23 09 2007

They barked at us Perman….BARKED

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