shhh, j-rol is back

23 09 2007

this actually makes no sense since j-rol has been the phillies most consistent player this year not to mention one of the only guys not to spend any time on the dl.  however this picture was just too perfect of a parlay to describe a text message sent to me during a cell phone battle with my nemesis mets fan from the roxy. 

“5 innings pitched, 5 hits, 2 earned runs for the win. Shhh, Pedro is back!”

he has sent me a couple other messages since with “shhh, (insert random mets player) is back”.  prystline and i(and clearly j-rol) have found this incredibly funny and have been using it to refer to phils players ever since


Let us talk about the phillies playoff chances shall we:

Phillies(84-70, 8 games left)- 2 @ WSH; 3 vs ATL; 3 vs WSH

Pads(85-68, 9 games left)- 2 vs COL; 3 @ SF; 4 @ MIL

Mets(85-68, 9 games left)- 2 @ FLO, 3 vs WAS, 1 vs STL, 3 vs FLO

D’backs(87-67, 8 games left)- 2 vs LAD, 3 @ PIT, 3 @ COL

if the phillies finish up 6-2, which is beyond a possibility then they are going to to need the mets or pads to finish up with a 5-4 record or the d’back to go 3-5.

i think the d’back are shit, and i hope that when we get in the ‘loffs we get to play them in the first round, but i think it is pretty unlikely that they will end the season that poorly with a fairly easy schedule

i could easily see the mets or the pads finishing up 5-4 though.  the mets have a very easy schedule, but their team is also in the middle of absolutely melting down right now.  and the pads have a tough schedule including their last 7 games away from home where they are only 2 games above .500 and the last 4 at miller park, where the brewers always play very well(hopefully they are still in the running then)

first things first though, the phils need to do no worse the 6-2, if they can pull off 7-1 then this all gets a little easier as well

*update- phils, mets, d’backs win… pads lose.  if the phils finish up 5-2, they only need 3 losses from the pads to tie it up


didn’t get a chance to mention this before, but stone cold pimp’s homerun on thursday was unreal… i love that guy


i also love romero, hopefully manuel has learned his lesson and stops bringing him out to exploit righty matchups with geary or alfonseca


i am envisioning a gem from cole hamels tomorrow.  7 2/3, 4 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk, 8 k’s and probably 2/3 at the plate with a home run


ps. look for my exclusive interview with pat the bat coming soon




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