24 09 2007

A big Sexy Shoutout to my boy Milton Bradley.

 I just want to thank you for your massive meltdown with one week left to go in a tight wildcard race.  You let the umpire get into your head and then you got beaten up by your manager…. how embarassing.  Now your knee is more messed up than your head and The Pads are without their best hitter…. You are the MVP for the Phillies.  Thank you

 I also want to thank you for this:

“Bradley has made an effort to have an active role in the community. He founded “Bradley’s Youth” while still with the Los Angeles Dodgers, a program for kids to get a chance to meet Bradley before games.” – Wikipedia

I can’t think of a more generous way to give back to the community than by offering the chance for young children to meet you before games.  You’re a millionaire, but charities don’t need money… they need for troubled youths to have a face-to-face with one of the most unstable players in professional sports.

What do you talk to the kids about Milt?  Your 3 days in jail in 2004? How to accuse white people of racism everytime they criticize you? Or maybe you just offer a crash course in how to lose your mind at people in positions of authority every time they look at you wrong…. Great Lessons.

No wonder the creeps in the top deck at Chavez Ravine lowered our PSI’s (Personal Safety Indexes) to all time lows this summer.  You may not be a Dodger anymore, but your teachings live on in the community.

I would also like to thank you for Guess Who? Hungry Hungry Hippos and Connect Four….. Those games were fucking fun.





5 responses

24 09 2007

he also stepped on mike cameron’s hand while chasing a ball in the outfield and cameron can not bend his thumb is probably out for at least a couple of games. the leading hitter on the padres is batting .275, we can not lose to these chumps

24 09 2007

the leading hitter on the padres is batting .275

WORD. The Pads have absolutely no offense. Yeah, they have awesome pitching but no power at the plate whatsoever.

How many times can Bobby Cox throw Smoltz and Hudson before the end of the season? Unless the Mets collapse — like, totally implode like a Las Vegas casino — the Braves don’t have a prayer.

24 09 2007

I hate Milton Bradley, but I love him for getting hurt.

24 09 2007

If the Phillies win the World Series, will they give Milton Bradley a share?

24 09 2007

I’ll send him a check for sure… and also a bill for our trip to philly.

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