It’s 16 Miles….to the promised land

25 09 2007

I don’t want to take too much credit for anything but here’s the deal….

 When I bet on Sports I lose.  I always lose.  I bet my friends when teams are up by 3 goals, 4 runs, 2 td’s….whatever….. I always….ALWAYS lose…

So here’s what I did today…..

I bet on the Mets

I bet on the Padres

I bets on the Tigers (for good measure)

I bet on the Saints (Because I love MNF)

The Results…………

Mets lose

Pad’s lose

Tigers lose

Saints lose

I absolutely never win when I bet. And that’s why I did it… the Prystline is bad bad bad luck when he bets on you.  I will be betting on the Mets and Padres for the rest of the season.

 You can thank me later…..

Actually never mind…..  I do want to take full credit for everything that happened tonight.





2 responses

25 09 2007

I’ll go ahead and thank you now.

And I’ll also let you know that in tonight’s game against the Braves, the Bat caught the third out in the top of the ninth and turned and tossed it into the stands. I immediately thought of this blog.

25 09 2007

That explains we he hasn’t been as hot lately… He needs to stop doing that immediately. The Phils playoff chances depend on it.

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