26 09 2007

In Honor of Shane Victorino’s first bomb in, what, like 2 months I have decided to make him the subject of the first Phil-bags Sexypoll.

Although this is old news, one of my favorite parts of the 2007 season was when Victorino was featured in that Sports Illustrated 5 questions or whatever it’s called (the second best 5 questions ever created… to Craig Kilborn’s top 5 obvi).  If you will remember, when asked what he carries in his pocket he replied “Wallet, Cell Phone, Trojans”.  The absence of car keys in his pocket obviously tells us that he gets way too drunk to drive himself home which is good.  But still his curious response begs the question……….

….Who wears condoms?






One response

27 09 2007

Obvs not Shane, because he’s got a baby. Quite a cute one, actually, but still. Baby. 26 years old. Wrap your shit up, Shane.

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