where is denzel when you need him???

26 09 2007

this movie blows

i could have sworn the date was september 25 yesterday, but apparently it was september 14 all over again.  yes, once again the giants blew a 2-run ninth inning lead to the padres at a really inopportune time for the phillies.  oh ya, i am not sure if he is in prysties most hated players list yet, but brian giles should defintely be on there(and his queer brother marcus as well).  i am not sure exactly what i have done to offend you san fran, i actually used to like the bay area a lot.  i was a big fan of cal-berkeley, the bears lair, fisherman’s wharf, the haha bush man, i even didn’t mind so much when we got thrown out of one of your clubs in college because one of my friends tried to buy ecstasy off an undercover cop.  but as of this moment we are dunzo frisco, i am so glad that we didn’t go there on our west coast roadie this summer!

in other bad news, colorado also won so now we are tied with them in the race for the wild card as well.  however, the mets and arizona lost which is somewhat good for us and the brewers gained a game on the cubs which is big because we want them to be still in the hunt when they face the pads later this week. 





One response

26 09 2007

Not even me betting on the Padres and Rockies last night was enough to make them lose….. What’s up with that?

On a happier note, I bet on the Mets and they lost.

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