yep, these are our readers

27 09 2007

the dude on the left may be covering an erection with his towel

by the way, if ANYONE can score us a couple of those rally towels (that the guy in the above picture is using to hide his erection) from CBP prystline and I would be forever indebted to you (i’m looking at you clare). 

anyways, i have decided to do another installment of our favorite  10 google searches that people have done over the last week that have led them to our blog:

1. fuck the mets– this may have been me

2. does pat burrell smoke– only when he drinks, so pretty much all day, everyday

3. pat perih– this may be a search from the year 2015  in an attempt to find information on my first born son or daughter, either of which will be named pat “the bat” perih

4. sexy mets fan picture- i was pretty sure that sexy mets fans didn’t exist until i came across this beautiful photo of a sexy mets couple at shea

even the lady behind looks like she is going to be sick

and these guys


their world of warcraft guild is going to be SOOOO MAD when they find out that they skipped out on getting their level 13 spell enchantment upgrade to go to a baseball game 

seriously though, i went through about 20 albums on this site trying to find good looking mets fans, and i don’t think they actually exist, “perih… back off” -r. banks. they are really not a very good looking fan base, no wonder d. wright is gay

5. Pat Burrell Taking care of business– if anyone doesn’t know the story behind this search term then check out this phillies season preview by AJ Daulerio on deadspin

6. sexy groin– yes it is, thanks for asking

7. where does pat burrell live– we will let all of you know after we crash at his pad in philly on our next visit

8. cole hamels what is his religion– outside of the strange phrasing this is a fabulous theological question.  do you technically have a religion if you are a diety?  or are only the people who worship you considered to follow that religion? 

9. pat burrell ass pics– i assume this is one of the ladies

10. there are several seperate searches for “pat burrell wife“, “pat burrell married“, “pat burrell wedding” which i can only assume is the bat himself trying to figure out if he is actually married to someone or not





2 responses

27 09 2007

Perih……BACK OFF!!!

15 01 2009

haha funny post.

I have about 30 rally towels if you guys want some

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