10 Truths

28 09 2007

i'll take the blonde one


we know you are having a tough time figuring out which one of us you want to hook up with for the weekend, so we decided that we can all just share you.

-love, the usc song girls

heres my 10 truths for friday, september 28

1. john smoltz is a cry baby“Burrell’s ball isn’t a home run,” Smoltz said. “But that’s just what this park can do for you. You get the ball in the air and you can get lucky. Obviously, they feast off it.”

a) it was at least as much of a homerun as larry jones’ “chip” shot in the 6th

b) i am pretty sure that first base is still at 90 feet at cbp so what is your excuse for throwing that ball in the 1st inning into right field?

c) quit fronting on the bat or you are going to have to deal with the sexy criminals and our weapons (a pizza slicer for me and a mace & sword for prystie)

houndstooth & weapons... what a dream

2. this article may have been written a little prematurely–  if you are a phillies fan then read this article, there are several laugh out moments in it

3. willie randolph is a corpse– even his attempts at intensity seem feigned

4. no tickets available– all the seats for this weekends series against the nationals are gone, it is going to be a packed house… just the way brett myers likes it

5a. pat the bat is the best teammate of all time– here he is gently caressing a few of his fellow phillie ‘mates after the big win

is carlos ruiz an oompa loompa?

5b. the dude looooves philly and it’s fans“At times, the fans get a bad rap here,” Burrell said. “More than anything, [they booed] because the team wasn’t playing well . . . but there’s no better place to play.”

6. suprise guest in the dugout yesterday-

taking eatons spot onthe 40 man roster

look how pumped up i am to be hanging out with cole and the bat

*check out the original photo here(photo 6) and try and tell me that i haven’t done more to deserve a spot in that dugout that who i replaced??? just kidding adam… we need you tomorrow big guy

7. cole hamels is an absolute mesh hat– direct quote from jim salisbury today:

“Twenty-three-year-old Cole Hamels, the kid with the Hollywood looks and the Cooperstown change-up, gets the ball tonight.”

’nuff said… 8 innings, 5 hits, 8 k’s, 1 run.  2/3 at the dish with an rbi

8. mancrushes are completely normal– just ask my boy josh duhamel.  i have been told that the level of homo-eroticism on this site may be a little high, but we have no plans to back down from it, it’s just the way we roll

9. kyle kendrick saved the season– his 10 wins are the most important stat line from any philly

10. no updates this weekend– at least not from me, i am going to be in seattle watching usc man handle the huskies and spending some at par canadian dollars on booze, sunflower seeds and beef jerky. also, it’s prysties b-day party on saturday so he will probably be out of commission until tuesday, which coincidently is the first day of the playoffs!!! go phils


* huge shoutout to my boy jason whitlock, the 10 truths format is directly ripped off from him




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