30 09 2007

OK! I Get It!!!

Treemho.com and Wordfid.com…. Stop linking the sexycrimes to your weird site…. my last post was entirely and completely uninteresting yet you still linked us.  I have a feeling something is amiss here.  I get that “Brown Baggin’ with the Bat #4” was amazing, but honestly, my last 2 have been pretty embarassing… hold off until we have something worth reading…. seriously……

and for those who love sexycrimes (and who know the p-bags are making the ‘loffs……p-line has a little treat for you)

I took this pic in Santiago…no biggy

actually fuck it…. I’ll upload it tomorrow… if the phils win (uploading pics is ricockulously difficult for me)




2 responses

30 09 2007

Dude, they’re spam. You have to mark them as spam in the WordPress dashboard so they don’t show up.

30 09 2007

Thanks for the tip detective….i will do just that.

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