first inaugural sexy crimes sans pants party

2 10 2007


the sexy criminals are going to be watching game one of the nlds at 12 noon pst tomorrow at the prestiguous york manor, home of sexy accomplices banksee, reegs and gmo.  criminologists from throughout the 604 are invited to join us to bask in the glory of the phillies at what promises to be one of the most sexual parties of 2007

i was originally going to take the entire day off work tomorrow and get crunked up on novelty cocktails until game time, but apparently i have a “meeting” with a “client” tomorrow at 4pm that my “boss” says i can’t miss.  he obviously is not aware of my celebrity phillie blogger status, i can’t wait until i can quit and just hang out chat about the phil-bags full time

i’ll be wearing a cole hamels jersey and not much else tomorrow at noon… join the revolution





2 responses

2 10 2007

Should I know who that girl is?

That photo must be from 2006, because it looks like she’s wearing Shane Victorino’s old number (Helms has 18 this season.)

2 10 2007

i dont think so, she is a girl from philly who was playmate of the month in may ’07. her picture was on withleather a week or so ago

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