alpha males win everytime

3 10 2007

level 18 alpha malelevel 18 alpha male


level 18 dungeon and dragons grand master

as you can see, it is really no contest.

further evidence… here is what cole hamels comes home to everynight (when he isn’t banging other girls on the road)

survivor babe

and as hard as i tried to locate pictures of francis’ significant other, this is the best i could do.

francis-wife.jpg the small version of her facebook profile pic.  however, even in this tiny version i think you can see how painfully average looking she is and understand that even in my drunkest moments at the pit pub i doubt i would have taken her home.

play ball





3 responses

3 10 2007

publicly posting and personal attacking the spouse of an opponent’s starting pitcher is taking rooting for the home team to special place.

3 10 2007

Yes, sexy criminals. I am appalled that you would publicly post pictures that are publicly available on the Internets. For shame.

Go Phils.

4 10 2007

Yesterday, I tried to get the people in my section to call Jeff Francis “Boomer,” but nobody wanted to play along.

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