live blogging

4 10 2007

i am going to live blog the first part of the game until i leave at 1 for an extended lunch to watch the end of the game

12:13 i get a text from prystie that says “holy fuck” after back to back home runs for tulowitzki and holliday, i ain’t shook… for real, i have some insane confidence in these guys

12:20- j rol leads off the game with a jack, looks like we may finally have the slugfest everyone was waiting for in this series

12:24- permans keys to winning the ‘loffs, don’t have your best hitter lead of a series with 5 straight strikeouts without ever actually having his bat touch the ball

12:26- the bat is a playoff performer, he should always bat in the 3-hole, always works the count deep, gets on base so howard can k behind him!!!

12:30- my phillies helmet just arrived in the mail, cost 3 dollars to ship, dud on ebay charged me 9… fuck him, at least i have something sexy to wear at lunch

12:38- werth k’s A LOT, i still love him though… i totally don’t wish we had soriano in the outfield instead of him.  can you imagine that lineup??? wow, nothing would have changed either, we just would have not picked up garcia or barajas which probably would have helped us

12:44- i like ruiz a lot, by this time next year he will be a staple on this team

12:45- OMG, this helmet just became a little more sexy as i realized that it comes with stick on numbers.  again my apologies to jason bourne for stealing #9 from him, but i would have had enough jam to steal that base yesterday bro

12:46- i professed my feelings for ruiz before he hit that double by the way

12:48- i half expect them to walk rollins to load up the bases for utley at this point

12:51- triple for j-rol, scores 2… prystie called me since he is watching the game and ruined it for me since i gamecast didn’t have it going yet

12:52- utley hits a ball, good news… warning track though, was it close?

12:54- live-blogging is super fun, i have to leave for lunch now though… prystline is going to take over for me

1:00 HEY-YO Sexyfans.  Prystline here to take over Perih.  He’s off for lunch.. Since I decided to take another personal development day to watch the game I am free to continue the live blog from my couch.  I’ve already eaten lunch so that’s good, but unfortunately I am also cooking Mousakka so I might be a little back and forth (wouldn’t want that eggplant to burn)…

1:05 Perih has so much Phillies stuff..SIT THE FUCK DOWN TULO… sorry about that. Anyway..He has soooo much stuff.  I have a Jersey and mesh hat which I took from someone.  I also have a shirt and a headband but Perih bought them for me.. I really need to get my act together and get some more gear.

1:07  forgot to mention this earlier, but I really want to hug J-Rol.  He is the best.  I might get a big chain with JR in diamonds and wear it everytime I go out….and a red skull cap too….oh yah and those red glasses that he stole from Sally Jesse Raphael (Thanks to Erik Kilborn for pointing that out to us).

1:14 – I have been afraid of that all series… Left-lefty match-ups where the pitcher comes 3-quarters… It looks like Howard is ok, and it’s not like he was going to get a hit…. Maybe I should root for that to happen more often…..

Howard – picked off….. Him and Utley are going to wake up and realize that they missed the entire series is they don’t pick it up a bit…. and then we are all going to have read all the spring training articles about redemption and how they are deteremined to get back to the ‘loffs and perform better…. I hate those articles.

Colorado is warming up a righty…Thank God.

1:27 – To Clarify the “Holy Fuck” Text Message.  It wasn’t so much a text of despair as it was one of annoyance.  Those homeruns annoyed me… I was mad.. not worried….. but I guess either way I definitely was shook.

1:35 – Pretty Shook now…. Hot Grand Slam.  Wrong team… I don’t want to get negative, but so far the Rockies are doing what it takes to win ballgames, the Phillies (Besides J-Roll) are not. Straight up.

Kendrick gave up to many lead-off baserunners which eventually was going to get him… I totally did not expect Lohse to give that up…

 Lots of time left.

2:15 – Jose Mesa….. That’s all I have to say about that…….8-3.  How is he 8th on the all-time list for games played.  How has he stuck around this long?? Deplorable.

We need some big time offense…. NOW

2:21 – This is disgusting.  Live Blog is done… 9-3…. I’ll log back on if something good happens…..




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