end of the year awards- part 1

17 10 2007

so, after a very difficult week and a half of sulking/contemplating sui we have finally decided to get back on the horse and do our end of the year awards.  these awards are going to be very similar to the end of the year little league awards in the way that everyone on the team (who we like and/or can think of something funny for) will receive at least one award, and some players (pat burrell) will receive many.



possibly even a better match than fisher/chiklis

one of the only reasons i can come up with as to why adam eatonwas so terrible this season (without forcing myself to come to the realization that we threw 24 million down the drain) is that kevin dillon needed to do some research for an upcoming movie role(perhaps summer catch 2, more on this later).  so he and adam switched places for the year and eaton lived up it up for a year in the hollywood hills, while johnny drama did his best to keep the phillies out of the playoffs, after all he is from queens.



this award, dedicated to former edmonton oiler defensemen chris pronger’s discretions which forced him to demand a trade from the city,  goes to the phillie who is most likely to impregnate a female beat reporter for the team.  based on this photo, the recipients of this award have to be michael (jason) bourn(e) and chris “sans sunglasses” roberson

bo vice could very well be involved as well


we will be updating these daily until we have gone through the entire team





4 responses

18 10 2007

I’m torn: I want you to do more than two at a time, but I also want you to be able to keep these going forever. Or until winter meetings. Whenever.

18 10 2007

i was planning on doing at least 3 per time, but i ran out of time yesterday as i was on my way to see the louis vuitton don (kanye)

18 10 2007

and I straight up can’t think of any…. The wheels aren’t spinning at all…. I think I am still pouting

18 10 2007

I’m not torn, I’m greedy. I want you to do more than two at a time, AND I want you to keep these going forever. And by forever, I mean Spring Training at least. There’s still way too much time after the winter meetings.

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