phils ’08 schedule

22 10 2007

a “tentative” schedule for the phillies ’08 schedule has been posted on the teams website

here is a “tentative” list of trips i plan to take to watch the phillies this year:

1) jays suck/opening day bender (march 28-31)- fly out to philly for the on-deck series against the pitiful toronto blue jays with my buddy kilby(die hard jays fan/bj ryan enthusiast) and stay for the opening day game against the nationalsshortly before erik offered to show him why his friends call him BJ kilburn

2) snakes and a kayak (may 5-11)- catch the phils in arizona (fireman carries all over scottsdale) for a 4-game set and then  over to san fran for a weekend series against the giants at pac bell.  this trip would also most likely be concluded with me heading to vegas for the canadian may long weekend (may 19), so the chances of me making it home alive after this bender are quite slimthe place where vodka enemas seem like a plausible idea

3) happy birthday anakin (june 16-29)- the phils have interleague games this season against the american league west, they play 3 out of the 4 teams in the division and only 1 of them at home.  however, since god hates me becuase of that whole cole hamels thing, one of the away series’ is NOT in seattle against the mariners, and the only series remotely close to vancouver is against oakland, whose stadium resembles a prison (not too mention its patrons).

4) east coast roadie option #1 (july 21-31)- we are definitely hitting up the east coast for a baseball tour this summer, this option has the phils in new york from the 22nd to the 24th, hosting the braves from the 25th to the 27th and in washington from 28th-30th.  we’re also hoping to be able to hit games at fenway park, yankee stadium, and camden  yards while we are in the area.exactly like the robin williams movie except without the back hair

5) west coast roadie redux (august 11-17)- basically the same roadie as this summer, with 4 games in la at dodger stadium, and 3 games at petco park.  hopefully this trip has a little more cole hamels hangouts and a little less threatening stares from terrifying dodger fans

6) east coast roadie option #2 (september 1-10)- this trip has a series in washington from the 1st to the 3rd, then in new york from the 5th to the 7th, and then a home series against the marlins from the 8th-11th. 

7) world series (october 21-30, 2008)- i’ll be there


ps.  if anyone knows of a job in philly for me (i am not too proud to strip) so i could just move there and not have to travel there once a month to watch games and/or wants to loan me a few thousand dollars so i can make these trips regularly please feel free to let me know




4 responses

23 10 2007

I can’t help you get a job if I don’t know what do you do besides offering to blow people (but not too hard).

23 10 2007

prystline is the one who offers to blow people (but not too hard), not me… my skills range from low level corporate finance to high level facebooking and msn’ing

23 10 2007

OKAY!!! Enough already….. I did not offer to blow him…. Perih and I were both drooling over him and telling how well he pitched and my exact words were (after telling him he dealt) “but we don’t want to blow you too hard. We wouldn’t want your head [as in ego] to get too big”.

Clearly over-confidence/cockiness is and will continue to be a problem for Cole throughout his career. I like to think that that one comment put things into perspective for Cole a little bit.

That being said, I am the one who made reference to blowing another male… Perih is the one who would make out with Chase Utley if he was standing beside him.

23 10 2007

Oddly enough there is now a pic on facebook of me pretending to blow a man in a phillies uni….. Funny how these things happen

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