Hot Trade

8 11 2007

Lidge and that other guy for Jason Bourn, Geary and Mike Costanzo…. I’m all about this trade.  I’m positive that Lidger still has it and I agree that Meyers is a better option for the rotation than anyone else on the market.  (Do you think Lohse and Boras both had to stifle laughter when they told the Phillies that it would cost them $40 million to re-sign him?…. I picture Them basically prank calling Gillick where Both Boras and Lohse have their ears to the phone, Lohse keeps covering his mouth and snorting while Boras keeps making wilder and wilder demands in between covering the mouthpiece and snickering while shushing Lohse….. 

 Anyway…. So on the surface this seems like a trade made in an attempt to bolster both the Bully and The Rotation….. and again I love the trade.  However I believe there was another, more important reason for the trade…. Although purely speculation at this point, I almost positive that one of this year’s recipients of the Chris Pronger award took the honor a little bit too far.  It seems pretty obvious to the Sexy Criminals that Jason Bourn did in fact “Run Train” on that pretty blonde reporter and as a result was forced to demand a trade to Houston.  Scandalous? Absolutely…..but I’m hoping that Robes is put on waivers or released within the next couple of days.  That way we will know for sure that Train got Run and that no matter who the father turns out to be, the Blonde reporter is going to have one fast child who receives very little financial support…..She should hope it is Bourn’s….at least he can catch a fly ball.

 Also, The Bat’s excitability during the playoff run  where he mistakenly revealed himself as the fastest Philly ever made Bourn expendable anyway…. Look what you’ve done Pat….. Look what you’ve done!  Now you might have to play more than 6 innings a game.

Hopefully this will teach Pat to be the first man into celebrate big wins next season.

In other News, I can’t stand Coco Crisp and will be choked if the Phils sign him to replace BPants.  My Hatred really doesn’t have anything to do with his talent or the way he plays the game…. I basically just hate him because we decided to pick on him and the way he wore his hat while in the CF beer garden at Safeco field 2 summers ago.  He didn’t respond well and I have disliked him every since…. Wily Mo Pena on the other hand is a pimp.

We should trade for Wily Mo…. Then him and Howard can have a Strike-out contest.  First to 200 gets a Car….A Plymouth Reliant.  Get it???? a K Car! 


I need to stop now before I embarass myself.





5 responses

8 11 2007

Where are my sexy Sexy Criminals photos with your NLDS booty? WHERE ARE THEY I DEMAND THEM.

8 11 2007

I haven’t gotten my stuff yet.. I haven’t seen perih in weeks…. that changes tomorrow

8 11 2007

The K car reference now has me wiping water off my monitor and keyboard. Thank you.

9 11 2007
Texas Gal

I’ve watched Lidge in Houston for years, and I adore him– even after the ’05 implosion of spectacular proportions. He’s still got the stuff, he just lost the edge (Maverick)– a change of scenery is all he needed.

Gascan Geary… farewell!

10 11 2007

drunk post……..ERASED

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