meeting chase utley

20 12 2007

chase has a very wide stance

so myself and some friends of mine (sans prystline) went to vegas last weekend and at the same time a group of girls we know from vancouver were there for a girls trip.  we had booked our trips separately and had planned to not really see each other while we were in town because we figured what’s the fun of hanging out with the same people from home when you are on vacation.
a cousin of one of the girls went to ucla and was coming out to vegas that same weekend. so after hanging out with him and his “friends” on friday night one of the girls from vancouver calls me on saturday day and drops this on me:
“hey you know andreas cousin from ucla, well he is here with some of his old college buddies and a couple of them play baseball and one of them plays for the phillies”
now, she knows that i am a big phillies fan, but she definitely did not know the extent of what she is saying… i of course i flip waaaay out and say
“there is no fucking way you were partying with chase utley last night???”
she goes “oh ya, chase, that was his name… he is super nice”
all i want to do is chase chase all over las vegas and basically re-enact a 45 minute episode of the chris farley show
“hey chase remember that time you were in san diego this summer and i was there and you hit a homerun?”
“that was awesome”
…and repeat
fast forward to around 430am after the clubs close on saturday night and i get a text from them asking me to come meet her at their hotel (which was right next door to ours).  i get an inkling of what may be going down, so i throw on my trusty, beat up, phils hat and head on over (forgetting my camera due to the roughly 800 vodka soda limes i had ingested that night).  finally, after a lot of back and forth texting and getting lost a few times in the casino, i eventually see her and she is most definitely standing with mr. chutley himself.  i am obviously in a complete daze, and can barely compose myself but i manage to shake his hand, introduce myself, tell him how awesome he is, what a big fan i am and how i want to blow him, but not too hard (i actually managed to stay away from the oral sex part, but afterwards wondered how funny it would be if that was the sexy criminals thing… every time we meet players we tell them we want to blow them and see how awkward it gets).  he was just getting ready to take off, so then he asked me where to change in his chips, i pointed him in the direction of the cashier, he told me i had an awesome friend, we exchanged fist pounds… and then he was off in the distance forever.
he was quite a bit bigger than i would have imagined, both in height and tone.  the girls told him about thesexycrimes (see you in philly this summer if you’re reading this chase) and also asked him (on my behalf) about the taco bell story, which he had no idea about and wanted to know where they had heard it.


ps. for those of you counting at home, that is 2 uber phillies stars that the sexy criminals have met in the past 5 months… AND WE LIVE IN VANCOUVER!!! look alive pat the bat… we’re coming for you, and there will be no escaping the awkward oral sex offer




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