operation meet the bat

28 01 2008

an interview with the bat

Between You and Graham Morrison

11:03pm Jan 26th
im at hotel scottsdale
they’re throwing a pool party next saturday called grid iron greats
its a huge celebrity party to raise funds for old nfl’ers.
the guestlist is about 100 deep with big celeb names, one of which happens to be pat ‘the bat’ burrell. tickets are 700 bucks but im scoping the site for illegal entry points. i’ll keep you posted.
Today at 9:54am
yikes-a-bee… what hotel is it? this is extremely exciting news
Today at 1:32pm
hotel scottsdale
i kept my key card for my room so hopefully that will get us on site.
what hotel are we at in vegas? will i be able to check in on my own?


Between Steve Prystie and You

Today at 4:42pm
a) gmo is in scottsdale right now and the hotel he is staying at is having a big superbowl party on saturday night and one of the celeb guests is the one and only pat burrell. he is currently working on a skeeze to sneak us into the party as the tickets are 700$

b) i saw bertuzzi, sakic, modano and some other nhl’ers in cabo on friday night and got a hot photo with them

Today at 5:22pm
fuck you perih…. seriously….just fuck you….. I might…very very very sliom chance……Like 5%….be in Phoenix for the superbowl too… I will obviously let you know…. the Burrell thing ups the likelihood to like 7%…..

Phils signed Feliz…they actually want to have every single bad thirdbaseman on their team.

Today at 5:23pm
dude… come. its going to be unreal

feliz is still better than what they had

maybe we can trade helms for a rosin bag

Today at 5:24pm
I have the BBRB which I love…… everyone is really bugging me about that though too…I totally want to just say “Fuck It!!!”

Did you get tickets to the superbowl or are you just going to tailgate and have an amazing time?

Today at 5:27pm
oh ya… bbrb, that is going to be sweet. oraganizing things is a monumental pain in the ass.

no tickets. just going to hang out and party/possibly skeeze tickets from a celeb




One response

28 01 2008

thrilled to make the page.
do you think the bat is reading this?

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