2008’s first hamels’ism

13 02 2008

this is probably how cole sees himself in his own mind 

this is how cole sees himself in his own mind (cole’s inner sanctum images)

One thing that we know about our star left handed starting pitcher is that he is certainly not lacking in any way with self-confidence issues.  long before we had started this blog prystline and i would email quotes of king cole’s that we found particularly impressive and would call them “hamels’isms.  well only one interview into 2008 and we are proud to say that cole has once again not let us down.

“I know I supposedly had a great year last year,” Hamels said, “but I don’t think I did anything remotely close to what I’m capable of doing.” 

i love this guy, seriously…

anyways, spring training is about to kick off and the phillies already have a bunch of players there early including sexy criminal favorites pat burrell, chase utley, and of course cole hamels. 

 *breaking news* phillies have signed kris benson to a minor league deal, no other details available at this time, but apparently he is still only throwing at 60-70% so he wont be ready until a little while into the season.


ps.  do you think if kris gets caught cheating on his wife that she will extend this offer to include sexy phillies bloggers??? i am going to assume so

philly bloggers rejoice

phillies bloggers rejoice




2 responses

13 02 2008

I think the aqcuisition of Anna Benson is Gillick’s finest move as GM….

The Bat humpdances her by the All-Star Break.

14 02 2008

The All-Star break and not Opening Day? Oh ye, of little faith.

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