victorino looks jacked up

18 02 2008

as an aside to prysties comments on jayson starks article over at about the mets-phillies rivalry check out the video that accompanies the article.  In particular check out how jacked up shane looks in the interview.  I have put together a side by side pics comparison of a picture from last year.

protein powder...hgh...muscle milk

i am digging this shit in a big way… i am predicting big things from the flyin’ hawaiian this year based solely on this pic!

as you all know we love looking at the terms that people google search in order to find the sexy crimes… check out a few from the last couple of days“pat burrell hair”- obviously“pat burrell shirtless curls”- again… obviously

“pat burrell: man or machine”-of course we would be the main source on the internet for information on that subject

“female reporter doused locker room”-i am going to miss my boy michael “jason” bourne

“his batting gloves rapper -baseball”- not sure exactly what this person was looking for… but sure, kind of makes sense

“chase utley made pat burrell t-shirts”- i think we can all agree on this fact

“sally jessy raphael skull”- huh?

“the skull of sally jesse rapheal”- double huh??

“fuck the skull of sally jesse raphael”-ahhh, now this all makes sense.  we obviously have some real sickos visiting our site

i checked it out on google and we are the tenth site that comes up if you search “fuck the skull of sally jesse raphael”

1. i am not sure whether or not i am proud of that or a little creeped out by it

2. this is one diligent mother fucker… he must have went to 9 other sites before ours trying to find info on giving the business to sjr’s skull.  i hope he found what he was looking for


ps. i decided that i am officially proud to be #10 on that list

*UPDATE* apparently this sally jesse raphael skull thing is some sort of howard stern skit or something, also now with this post we are #1 on google if you search “fuck the kull of sally jesse raphael”




6 responses

18 02 2008

I think in one of your posts you made a reference to something Kilby said about Sally Jesse rapahel glasses that someone was wearing… He said it during the playoffs while we were watching at banksees and we all thought it was funny so you put it in a post…. That’s probably why it comes up…either way I’m okay with it….. I wish he left a comment though

18 02 2008

The origin of “fuck the skull of sally jessy raphael” is the Howard Stern show. His satellite radio program is on vacation this week, so they played a “best-of” show, which included an old bit where, in a fit of rage against Sally Jessy Raphael, Stern created a picture showing him as a dragon fucking her skull.

19 02 2008

yeah i got here trying to find the picture of Howard fucking the skull of sally jesse raphael

19 02 2008
el gaze negro

I also got here trying to find said picture

19 02 2008

“Fuck the Skull of Sally Jesse Raphael” is going to become the new Phillies Rally cry for the 2008 season.

To our readers in Philly: Please Please Please make this sign and hold it up at all Phillies games you attend this year… the sexycriminals will have one when we are at the CBP in July.

23 05 2009

one year later, I still have not found the picture of howard stern fucking sally jesse raphael’s skull. I did make a “Fuck the Skull of Sally Jesse Raphael” sign which my friends and I held up last year though.

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