jerkface billy wagner threatens kids

27 02 2008

this article has some quotes from mets closer billy wagner’s on his outrage that a michigan player would dare to try and lay down a bunt on him during their 4-4 tie yesterday.

Forget the Phillies. Billy Wagnernearly started a beanball war with the University of Michiganafter one overzealous Wolverine tried to bunt on him in the fourth inning. With a runner on second and one out, centerfielder Kevin Cislo pushed his bunt foul.

Wagner, clearly annoyed, shook his head a number of times, and Cislo wisely swung away, grounding out. Wagner said he couldn’t believe that Cislo, a junior, bunted.

“If he got that bunt down, I would have drilled the next guy,” Wagner said. “Play to win against Villanova.”

hey billy here’s some ideas that may help you next time you find yourself in this situation:

1.  you think that college kids would maybe be pretty excited about the possibility of beating a real major league team, so how about getting your team to actually play like professionals and not make the game close so the kids think they have a chance.  see detroits 17-4 shellacking of florida southern, doubt there was any bunts being laid down there.

2. maybe as, supposedly, one of the major leagues best closers you shouldn’t have a line like this against a bunch of college players: 1IP, 1H, 1BB, 0K’s

there is also some good snack talk in the article about aaron heilman (notre dame grad) having to sing the michigan fight song in the clubhouse after the game for allowing an earned run.





One response

27 02 2008

Man- who the HELL chooses the “bagels on the floor while sitting in a Mets directors chair” option in the Artona package? Please tell me you’ve got a hot pic of Pedro Martinez holding an oversize crayon… or maybe a Mets team photo- BUT ONE WHERE EVERYBODY’S ACTING ZANY! You know, they’ve got the words on the sign all jumbled up, some of them are pulling faces… CRAZY shit.

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