mets start off season with a bang

27 02 2008

some sexy mets fans preparing for another disapointing season

the nl east losing ny mets could only manage a tie in their spring training opener last night against the detroit tigers… wait, you mean they weren’t actually playing a real major league team last night. 

my bad, let me try again, last night the new york mets could only manage a tie against the 18th ranked (previously unranked before this week) university of michigan wolverines.  the amazin’s needed a 2 out bottom of the ninth 2 run home run just to tie it up as well.  not surprisingly aaron heilman was responsible for a few of the runs to the college kids.

in other phillies news brett myers has been named opening day starter in what some are considering a surprise move over cole hamels.  in my mind this decision was made for two reasons, one of which probably relates to 80% of the decision making process.the smaller consideration in this decision is to let everyone know that brett myers is a starter and a damn good one and that he will not be moved to the bullpen.

however, the real reasoning behind this move (as noted in this article on beerleaguer) is to set up cole hamels with some serious match-ups for later on in the month (including a likely friday april 18th matchup against johan santana).  looks like it is going to be a fun month of pitching match-ups for the phils and will give hamels a serious chance to show he is cy young worthy.





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