pat the bat seals the deal…on video

18 03 2008


without a question this is the greatest video in the history of the internet… and it proves that burrell was prongering reporters before chris even got to edmonton.  here’s the link and some highlights: 

0:16- pat (sporting an oversized, short sleeved yellow button up) comments on the average age of the residents in the complex and chats up some young babe in the lobby who hurriedly backs away from him

0:26- leslie gudel “pretends” to look around the condo like she hasn’t been there before

0:42- “have you ever sat at that desk before” = “remember when you railed me on that desk before”… also pat admits to having a laptop to play solitaire and read the sexy crimes

0:48- making sure he hadn’t left the panties from last nights conquest in the cushions

1:03- the bat laughs at the idea of doing laundry

1:12- pat seems upset that he can’t see the tv from his favorite chair… apparently they are both nailed to the ground and he is unable to move them around the room

1:27- only item in the cupboard: party cups!

1:48- “what are you going to do… throw it away”

2:00- pat only works on his art after church

2:05- the bat now drinking a beer during the tour, and leslie has herself a party cup probably with a margarita in it.  i bet burrell makes a mean frozen cocktail

2:12- pat invites leslie to join him in his jacuzzi


2:43- shepards: beach type place, tiki bar, bathing suits, can swim home from there if you get in trouble

3:00- buddha on his bed for good luck:

a) he obviously does not need good luck when it comes to the bedroom

b) chances it has a pinhole camera in it: 100%

3:27- in case you were wondering.  gulf of mexico… not an ocean. 


3:40- “good little whatever that was there” good endorsement for the education system at the U

4:02- pat explains that he didn’t want a telescope in order to watch the old people in his complex do water aerobics and looks over at the beach where he would have the telescope aimed at

4:15- why don’t you get your camera crew out of here and lets get down to business

before she was married there were rumors most of the phils had at her. Rumors spawn from truth so im sure she had at it with at least 1 of them.

Well the real rumor was that she was with Pat Burrell years ago. Im not sure if people are mixing women up. Cause I never heard the Guidel is banging a bunch of guys stuff

theres some pretty good comments in here about the pictures of jade maccarthy getting doused in the phillies locker room last year after they won the nl east






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