opening day… solo

31 03 2008

me and chewbacca at g sports bar

its apparently the “year end” at prysties job, and he has to do work this lunch hour, so he can’t come with me for an extended lunch break meaning i have to go to g sports bar all by myself and watch the phillies opening day game.  it’s so depressing and weird, i hope i don’t end up having to talk with the other creepy solo patrons at the bar.

here is what i see in my crystal ball for today:

phillies 8- nats 3

myers: 7 2/3, 2 runs, 5 hits, 7 ks

howard: hr, 3 rbi

burrell: 2 rbi

utley: a double, 3 runs scored

the sexy criminals in happier times





4 responses

9 04 2008
el gaze negro

the sexycrimes: by far the most current and regularly updated sports blog on the interweb…


9 04 2008

Yes, considering the vast amount of Phillies news that takes place in Vancouver, BC.

11 04 2008

the site was blocked at work so I can’t access it from my desk. I don’t feel right blogging unless it is on the taxpayers’ time….

That being said I am going to try to make more of a committment to posting.

….I love Oasis

14 04 2008

i look like i have mislang-esque hands in this pic

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