erection cove… population = me

17 04 2008

absolutely crushed

i have been catching a lot (read one person) of flack as to why we have yet to post about pat the bat’s incredible start to the season considering he is the star of our blog.  I can’t speak for prystline, but for me the reasons pretty much boil down to:

a) it is pretty much what i expect from the bat

b) he is on my fantasy team and i don’t want to jinx him

c) every time i start thinking about the stats he is throwing up i end with a one way ticket to erection cove like don geiss just called me jackie boy and it makes it hard to type.jack donaghy is the alpha male to end all alpha males

it was nice to see our boy jason bourne play well the other night for houston.  i still like that trade for the phils, but bourne is a sweet player and i love watching him play.  wonder if he gave his girl jade maccarthy a call while he was in town???

dave wright looks like he is missing his post game showers with paul lo duca

how to make jose reyes mad

love this comment from the 700 level:

This was found in Wright’s Flickr album with the comment “Paul + Dave = BF4EVR!”

fireball is on the menu

what: sexy crimes sans pants party- version 2.0 

where: casa del perman

when: 3:45 pm

who: anyone

dress code: pants neither required or expected

oh ya… one more little thing.   IT IS EXACTLY  ONE MONTH UNTIL WE GET TO PHILLY FOR THE BLUE JAYS SERIES.  you might say that we are a little bit excited for the trip.





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