24 04 2008

nerds are so lame...

inspiration can come in many forms and can be very elusive at times (see howard, ryan) but for one phillies slugger i think we all pretty much know where his inspiration comes from.  Hence, this quip from todays philly inquirer is not all that surprising:

The Phillies encountered an unusual sight Tuesday night at Coors Field: a woman running across the field in only jeans and a bra.  (maybe not for this reporter, but obviously this is a daily occurrence for alpha males like burrell and sexy criminals worldwide)

Players typically back away from such shenanigans, but Burrell took a step for a closer look as she ran into the arms of security personnel a few feet away. In center, Werthbarely budged, covering his face with his glove to hide his laughter, as she took the walk of shame past him. (werth has obviously learned from past experiences that the repercussions of daring to make a move towards one of the bats potential conquests are akin to trying to take food away from grizzly bear)

“It’s one of the more unexpected things I’ve seen,” Werth said. “Unusual. Funny. Definitely funny. I think she had a little too much to drink. The babbling as she walked by gave it away.” (a little (or a lot) too much to drink, babbling… add throwing up and/or passing out to the mix and you pretty much have the mating call for the bat and sexy criminals alike)

i think we pretty much know how this story ends

so lets break this time line down again:

bottom of the 7th- girl streaks field, piques burrells interest

top of the 9th- burrell hits a bases loaded 3-run double, demands to be pinch ran for, and bolts immediately for the showers with a bottle of patron and said streaker

text message from prystline last night:

“do you think that there is a correlation between with the bat being married and his numbers.  First season not playing every game hungover”

i am going to assume since he was at softball last night and this message came in at around 11:30 that he was pretty deerfaced when he sent it,  so i gave him the benefit of the doubt.  my response was:

“do you really think that the bat would let something arbitrary like marriage get in the way of his first true love of drinking patron and having showers with models (and select canadian bloggers) until his genitals hurt?”





One response

26 04 2008

you’re right I was deer-faced…. what was I thinking? So embarassing

By the way I was at Slo-pitch… I don’t want anyone thinking I play wimpy games

(that was a joke)

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