patron showers and pinch hit bombs… thats what eureka springs does

23 05 2008

the bat goes deep in houston... and then he hit a homerun

the bat went deep in houston last night… and he also hit a pinch run homer to lead the phils to victory (some other dude went 3-5 with some rbis and stuff too)

so, we haven’t posted about our trip yet because:

a) it takes me at least 5 days to rejoin civilization after i go on benders like that

b) clare hasn’t posted her pictures on flickr yet

c) i am currently awaiting trial for unnamed crime that i was wrongfully accused of (fuck you mensah) in vegas… 

anyways, hopefully should have something up this weekend

also, in relation to my name, i would just like to say how much i love trapster and sack from wedding crashers.  i know they are the “bad guys” in the movie, but i seriously liked the way they(and tony guffano the wop genius) got down.  i may have to do an entire post on this in the a dear and get me a 7up


*update* the guy who plays zack lodge is actually a philly native… probably a sexy crimes reader




9 responses

28 05 2008

You guys better post a trip synopsis soon, or I’m going to start thinking that your “trip to Philly” was actually a “gay cruise off the coast of ibiza”, and by “gay cruise” I mean gay cruise. If the latter is true, I hope the trance music was as sweet as all those shirtless Greek hunks. If the former is true, I sincerely hope that you got barked at again. That story is as funny as it is terrifying.

29 05 2008

SHIT…We’re Busted….

30 05 2008

I put the goddamn photos up last night. Now Prystie and Perih have no excuse not to do a post.

2 06 2008

That’s it.. the z-man gives up. This trip officially never happened. Nice ruse.

2 06 2008

sorry Z-man…. it takes us a while to be able to talk about such epic adventures….I’m still not over it (read: my face gashes are not fully healed.)

7 06 2008

I think the trip to Philadelphia killed this blog.

11 06 2008

I know! I know! You’re waiting for Ryan Howard to sink below the Mendoza line again before you write about your trip. Just to get the mood right. Don’t worry faithful readers, we’ll have the post by the end of the week then.

12 06 2008

Actually, Howard’s .204 is already lower than Mendoza’s in 4 of his 9 big league seasons. Even Mendoza hit above the Mendoza line with a lifetime BA of .215.

That can’t be the reason for the posting delay.

16 06 2008

Pat hit a triple and actually slid into 3rd tonight. This must be commemorated with a new post.

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