we are alive….

8 08 2008

so, it has been roughly 2 and half months since we have posted anything and we would like to provide some explanations for our disappearance:

1. we parked our car in south philly and got double parked for 2 months

2. we were training to qualify for the canadian 2-man luge team in beijing but recently found out it was not a summer olympic sport

i am on the top

3. i was arrested for drugging a girls drink in las vegas

4. prystie knocked himself out on our hotel room in philly and has had a concussion ever since

5. my computer at work got comp-aids and i couldn’t do my work and put posts together at the same time (new computer today)

6. we reached the pinnacle of our phillies existence after visiting cbp and realized it was all downhill from there

please pay no attention to the left of this photo

anyways, i came up with a theory that writing a blog is like going to the gym… once you haven’t gone for awhile it is nearly impossible to go back that first time, but once you have broken that barrier then it becomes much easier to keep going.  so hopefully that is the case, because prystie and i both want to get seriously jacked up (about the phillies and in the gym).  either way we have committed to trying to put up 3-5 articles per week for the rest of the stretch run, so hopefully we can keep it up





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