going back to cali

11 08 2008

this time last year prystline and i were sitting poolside at the mirage, with our new friend (and former conquest of the bat) from phildelphia, and were about to embark on a legendary journey through los angeles and san diego to watch the phillies west coast swing.  looking back on things, it was basically the best trip of my life and i really wish i were doing that again this week instead of having to sit in my office in vancouver (where apparently it is supposed to rain again tomorrow…awesome).

here’s a few quick notes:

1. i hope we decide to play well against the dodgers considering that 8 of our next 14 games are against them (ps. great scheduling to get them post-manny).  our other 6 games are against the listless padres and nationals, so a good showing against the boys who bleed blue and we could come out of this in pretty good shape.

welcome to the friendly confines of the top deck of dodger stadium...lowest psi in the mlb

welcome to the friendly confines of the top deck of dodger stadium...lowest psi in the mlb

2. luckily for jake peavy we are not facing him in sd.  that may seem backwards, but i have access to his cell phone number and was going to blow him up with some pretty interesting texts and late night phone calls if he were pitching.

3. dicks bar and grill: best place in san diego to accost your favorite phillies pitcher and offer sexual favours to him

4. i have a 20$ per game bet per game with my dodgers friend for the next 8 games.  flights from seattle are 89$ each way to philly in sept.  phillies sweep or even go 7-1 and i am coming out for the stretch run.

(bumming for sponsors images)

(bumming for sponsorship images)


ps.  going to do a photo essay/trip down memory lane of our cali trip this week sometime




2 responses

11 08 2008

Glad you guys are back. I have in my possesion one of THE rally towels from the winning weekend of the NL East last year. Send Cole Hamels as a trade.

11 08 2008

Sorry, we only let Cole out of the basement for starts. Sometimes we fly the Chiropractor in when he starts whining about his back….but we blindfold him first.

So don’t even try to ask him about it.

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