It’s been a little while hasn’t it?

12 08 2008

I don’t really have a ton to say right now except that I’m sorry.  I should say, we’re sorry.  We have been neglecting the blog and there is no excuse for that.  I got to watch a game with the Perman on Sunday morning and it was nice.  It’s the same old story… I was so jacked about the philly trip that I couldn’t put it into words…and I still can’t (That might be because I don’t remember half of it…as per Perman’s point in his previous post…that was no joke)

-Point form…thoughts

1.  I still have the scars on my forehead and nose from passing out while standing up in a philly hotel room.  That hurt… I don’t really remember the next day.  All I know is that the only souvenir that I came home with from CBP was a green bat (what the fuck?) and some wine glasses (I don’t call me “Red Wine Prystline” for nothing)

2. Fortunately I wasn’t the only tenant to bleed that night.  A nice old white man was getting made fun of by 3 black cops for getting bottled by a hooker he didn’t pay….  a) I thought that was our trick b) we stay in classy spots.

3. Crab Fries are not made out of Crab…. Fucking Bullshit.

4. Cutter and Clare are Cats.

5. Why there isn’t a massive sign in South Philly that says “Atlantic City is Closer than you think…Remember to reserve the limo before 2am on the morning you are leaving” is beyond me….

6. I fully take back making fun of Chad Durbin before the season started, I still don’t trust Madsen.

7.  When Lidge got Pujols out recently I almost cried because I was so happy for him.  I think I said something stupid quietly to myself while nodding my head…something like “The monkey is gone man, the monkey is gone”….so gay…

8.  Today when Perih texted me while at work and said “Yeah Heilman” I knew.  The Mets pen blew another one.  I guess you could ask the question does their bullpen blow games more often than Reyes blows Wright.  HA!!! I think we know the answer to that one!!!

The pen would have to blow 162 games a year for that to even be close…. Blow job jokes never get old for me!!!! good fun.

9.  Making Pat Burrell Heads for our phillies games was Perih’s best idea ever…sometimes I put it on my pillow when I go to sleep..he makes me feel safe….or that I’m about to get date raped….either way, I sleep well

10.  Perih’s second best idea ever was buying a bunch of red shirts and getting iron-on patches made with the man or machine picture on them and thesexycrimes address on them

11.  Perih’s worst idea ever was leaving those patches in our vegas hotel room.

12.  Perih’s other best idea ever (i’ve lost count) was renting a limo to pick us up from the airport in Chicago that was full of beers so everyone could get wasted on the way to Wrigley while I quietly wondered where all the big Vegas hotels went (I go after it every second day…what can I say)

13.  Contrary to what the first Cab Driver said…there is more than one Hilton in Chicago.  Kilburn and I visited all of them before finally finding ours… good trip.  Brazilian cab drivers that love old school rap and claim to “fuck chicks in my cab everynight” are pretty great though.

14.  i’m pretty mad at most of the Phillies right now.  I kind of figured they would be on a 20 or 30 game win streak by now.  I’m not mad at Pat because he is Pat.  I’m not mad at Victorino because he seems to be playing pretty well right now.  I’m not mad at Moyer because that would be like being mad at your grandfather… you just can’t do it… you just don’t know how much time you have left with him.  I’m not mad at Dobbs either… I’m mad at his sideburns though.

Everyone just got smarter for having read the last 14 points.

Canada has 0 medals at the Olympics… that’s awesome.  Azerbaijan has one, a gold…..WHERE THE FUCK IS AZERBAIJAN?!?!?!?!






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