21 09 2008

We Keep Fucking up…so much to talk about …so little posting.  If the perman and I could record our phone conversations and put them into text for blogging this would be a much better world.  as it is, just know, we have been embracing, laughing (mostly about the mets…je (nevermind) bullpen (But really, if those kinds of jokes were acceptable we would have you guys rolling….but they’re not so we won’t make them..except to each other)w, and Perman has given me several bruises on my right arm.  9-1 in the last 10…that, my friends, is a playoff push.

We also may be the only 2 people in the world that aren’t worried about Pat.  we know what he’s up to.  He’s just going to hang around..take 5 or so k’s per game and then explode in the playoffs.  He’s just saving his love for when it really matters…. just like those times when he pretends that he is too tired to humpdance and finishes himself off in the mirror in the bathroom…. very sneaky….. My bold prediction is that he will be world series MVP.

Yo heard it here first.

Round of applause for Ryan Howard by the way… we don’t write about him much.  But Let’s hear it for the man…. Big September, lots of bombs, lots of Rbi’s..flawless fielding (wait a minute)…. anyway without him we would be deader than the girl we…….. stopping now….





4 responses

22 09 2008

Another brilliant post.

I think Pat has been double-dosing Paxil and Patron cocktails, and can barely see when he gets to the plate.

Have you seen the way he stares at his bat? He’s clearly wondering why his c*ck is outside his pants, and why he’s about to wave it at the catcher.

Howard is da man. Period.

22 09 2008
Pat's Douche

Pat can suck me (again) anytime.
Keep up the good work, guys. You’re making it twice as fun.

23 09 2008

I’ll be there in person Saturday to root for the Phils, and hopefully give Pat some lovin before the game.

25 09 2008
Stephen Schneider

Welcome back. I wish you could be paid for this site, because I check it every single day. It’s the funniest thing ever. More, please!

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