fuck you lou!!!

25 09 2008
fat creep!

fat creep!

Here’s what lou had to say earlier in the week about putting a competitive team on the field after they had clinched the division and best record in the NL:

The Cubs spend the week playing the Mets and the Brewers. And manager Lou Pinella promised Sunday: “We’re going to have to play representative lineups because it’s not fair to the other clubs [if we don’t].”

and here is the lineup he trotted out tonight against the mets:

F. Pie lf
R. Theriot ss
M. Hoffpauir 1b
J. Edmonds cf
M. Fontenot 2b
C. McGehee 3b
K. Fukudome rf
K. Hill c

no de rosa, soriano, ramirez, lee, johnson or soto!!!  what a joke, if the mets can’t win this game then they are an even bigger embarassment than i originally thought





5 responses

30 09 2008

No new post???
“Phillies Clinch; Pat Uncliches”???

6 10 2008
The Bat

Looks like Lou got his comeuppance – Cubs got swept! Now Pat gets to flex for another series.

8 10 2008

I am dumbfounded as to how there could be no posts since the Phillies made the playoffs and since made the NLCS- what on earth will you guys do when the Phillies start tanking???

8 10 2008

I was SURE there would be a post after the Bat’s 2 dingers that ended the Brewers’ season.

10 10 2008

We have been too busy high fiving, hugging, making fun of Dodger fans and trying to plan different ways to convince the bat the get a place with us.

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