what to get the man who has everything

10 10 2008

happy bday pat.  you can’t be a day over 24.  i know how i would like to celebrate…



i’ve been reading a few articles from a certain piece of shit LA times reporter by the name of tj simers.

Phillies could ruin must-see TV if this keeps up

Phillies fans: 10,000 reasons to be bitter

wow, this guy really takes my hatred to new levels… how low you may ask??  well here are a couple of pictures of his daughter tracy simers (what a genetic treat she is)


doesn't look so bad here

a face made for radio

yikes, now thats a face made for radio

i agree that flying from philly to LA to perform a sex crime on this girl may be a bit much, but keep in mind that vancouver is much closer!

heres a few random things i am thinking about before carps picks me up to go watch this afternoons game:

-2008 postseason jacks:   pat the bat=3 manny=2

– pats hair= equal parts sexy & awesome; mannys hair= equal parts embarrassing and weird

– intense focus and keeping your eyes on the target on the keys to victory

– the best part about the bat having success is that he gets to do post game interviews.. which are always classic.  something about his voice always cracks me up

– the bridge to lidge is looking strong and madson in particular looks unreal

– banksee’s downstairs neighbour is a tool.  seriously who comes upstairs to complain about noise at 7:15???

– lowes look on his face was reminiscent of a guy who just found out is wife has been cheating on him for the past 3 years

wait till he finds out that chase and pat ran train on his reporter gf

wait till he finds out that chase and pat ran train on his reporter gf

 and finally a melancholy happy trails to charlie manuels mother.  here’s to hoping the boys can pull out a big W for uncle cholly





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10 10 2008

I’ve got to admit, I got pretty pissed at that “must-see tv” bullshit, too… one of the weakest arguments I’ve ever heard- “hey, let’s make sure that a bunch of part-time baseball entusiasts get the most out of this season now that their team is knocked out”. What a fucking tool. I’m hoping for a Rays-Phillies final simply because both teams deserve it. If the fucking Marlins and the Orioles were in the World Series, it would be because they EARNED it. So boo-hoo to all these “great stories” that could have happened if Josh Hamilton and Rick Ankiel and Ken Griffey Jr, etc. made it to the World Series. I’ll take great teams playing great baseball, thanks.


11 10 2008

this is the funniest shit ever great website

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