stairway to heaven

14 10 2008
unfortunately it looks like prystie and i aren't the most popular canadians in the phillies universe anymore

unfortunately it looks matt stairs has upended prystie and i as the most popular canadians with phillies fans

WHAT A GAME! i don’t even know where to start
-what a game from utley, some clutch hits, ‘the play”, and a lot of people i think overlooked the fact that at least being able to get a glove on that abortion of a throw ryan howard threw to first base kept it from ending up somewhere in the pacific ocean
– victorino obviously, no questions asked
– chooch/cooch ruiz has a way of coming up with sneaky hits when you least expect them from him
– lights out lidge, first 4 out save of the season… clutch
– joe torre, thanks for taking out d. lowe after 5.  i called it at that point that they were going to run out of relievers, especially when i figured that they would be going lefty-lefty for utley and howard
– kuo, yikes… how untouchable did that guy look when he was on the mound.  hopefully he don’t see much more of him and more of chan ho park
-manny: what a series, he either gets walked or he hits frozen ropes… keep walking him
– and finally to our countryman matt stairs.  your homerun ball was amazing and i’m just glad it didn’t set off lidge into a state of shock.  we will see you at your igloo this offseason for a molsons!
– mccarver and buck.  i fucking hate these two, and why doesn’t mccarver just put on a dodgers hat at this point and quit trying pretend to have a shred of journalistic integrity
– durbin.  this guy has pitched like a piece of crap since about august 20th or so. he is going to make me nervous for the rest of the ‘loffs
dodgers fans.  thanks for acting like assholes at the games and proving how classless you are.  imagine of this kind of behaviour was going on in philly, it would be national news
– andruw jones. you suck.
– ry how.  your throws make me physically ill and emotionally shattered.
shane victorino’s interviews.  they scare me, makes me think i am going to have a stroke from my brain to comprehend whats coming out of his mouth.  he shouldn’t be allowed to speak on tv again unless its an ad for micromachines.
– russell martin.  sure he’s canadian, but he’s french canadian.  we don’t care much for their kind where we’re from!



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15 10 2008

There is a great quote by Matt Stairs in this article. Please enjoy. You guys are still my favorite Canadians.

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