get your world series on

16 10 2008

"yo j-rol, you think this trophy is taller than you?"

it’s almost been a day and i still don’t have the words to explain how it felt last night to watch the phillies take home the NL crown.  i do know that i had a quiet confidence that the phillies were going to close it out last night.  i watched the game basically alone (my non-baseball fan roomate was there not really watching) and was pretty quiet other than the occasional yelp of excitement that woke my roomate up from his slumber.  it was a little strange because i have had more outward emotion for mid-season games than for this most important game of my phillies watching career.  i didn’t even pop a bottle after it was all said and done, 4 more and there will be plenty of time to celebrate.  here’s a breakdown of a few of my thoughts during the game:

1. rollins again was the catalyst for the phils tonight, his homerun will forever be remembered but his backdoor slide in the 3rd inning outside of the embarrassing blake dewitt was the key to getting the phils the extra cushion they needed.

if he hits a leadoff jack in the clinching game of the world series i'm popping the bottle right then

if he hits a leadoff jack in the clinching game of the world series i'm popping the bottles

2. having to listen to mccarver talk about hamels not having his stuff was downright infuriating.

3. the quip the announcers talked about the picture of victorino with his hand raised after hitting a homerun with the name “j. reyes” under it really shows the kind of clubhouse the phillies have going right now.  also, i really don’t think that was anyones way of trying to tell victorino to not show up other teams, more like a practical joke meant to show the difference between mid-july games and mid0august games.

4. billingsley.  good fantasy player, especially since you could use him as a RP.  that’s about all there is to him at this point.

5. russell martin has a terrible attitude, not that anyone who has ever met a french canadian before should be surprised, and if you don’t think it affected his play and his teammates you are crazy.

hard to catch with your eyes closed

hard to catch with your eyes closed

6. burrells catch in the 6th.  amazing, i didn’t think he was going to get there and he did in spectacular burrell’ian fashion.  i probably don’t need to tell you what happened in the at bat after this either (*hint* manny)

7. hamels only had 5 strikeouts on the night.  just so happened they were the 3rd outs of the 3,4,5,6, and 7th innings. no biggy.

8. the defence in this series may have been one of the keys to victory.  on the one side you have furcal kicking the ball around like he is playing soccer back in the dominican, throwing baseballs all over the field, and russell martin not able to block baseballs when it counted.  on the other you have utley making diving plays, him and rollins eating everything up off the ground and starting and turning DP like its their job (technically it is), then there is ruiz, the man i used to love to hate looking like a modern day ken dryden behind the plate (possible lessons from matt stairs) and blocking everything in site, and how could we forget…

9. shane victorino.  the dude is unstoppable.  so many big plays on both sides of the ball.  his two catches in the bottom of the 7th were about as far apart as centerfieldercould go.  the below circle would be a bit bigger but circles are impossible to draw in ms paint and this was as close as i got after about 25 attempts.

hope you weren't planning to hit it anywhere in this range
hope you weren’t planning on hitting it anywhere in this range

10. when bill giles called hamels the best looking 24 year old and pitcher he has ever met… shades of prystie and i meeting him in san diego

11. i noticed on the fightins that sexy crimes favorite leslie gudel was doing post game interviews with the players.  wonder if she tried to rekindle the old flame with her boy burrell:

gudel: so pat, who would you prefer to play in the world series?
burrell: you know leslie, it doesn’t matter, they are both good teams, etc…
gudel: are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to play tampa?
burrell: why?
gudel: i don’t know, we could check out your condo in clearwater again, drink some bud lights see what develops
burrell: screw it, i got unlimited bud light right here and my wife isn’t meeting me for another 15 minutes

12. actually a really great story about burrell on delaware online just sitting back and taking it all in in the midst of everyone elses celebrations.  clearly bud lights were involved and mentioned.  sort of reminded me of a wsbgm’s post from last year.

13. as excited as i was with the phils victory i was a little disappointed with their post-series partying.  i was expecting some clips of the bat on tmz, partying at les deux with brody jenner or some shit.  but i woke up to a clip of them on the fightins (those guys are really good at getting clips up) getting off the plane (with those wives no less) at 7:30am eastern time which means they would have had to leave LA at around 11:30 which wouldn’t even have given them time to get a round of patrons in at the saddleranch.  some things to respect about the bat in this video:

a) he isn’t wearing shades like the rest of the team, basically saying i am wasted and i am not afraid to hide it.
b) he has a massive chew in and it is about 4:30am in the timezone they are used to.
c) his wife’s tits look awesome… was she always this stacked?  cause i didn’t see it in previous photos of her.
boobs, burrell, and bottles of chaw spit
the 3 b’s: boobs, burrell, and bottles (of patron on the plane, chaw spit off the plane)





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17 10 2008

We saw The Bat and His Receptacle with a few players at Spring Training in March at the Tilted Kilt after a rain cancellation. She was a bitch to all the waitresses, and Special K just openly stared at her.

17 10 2008


17 10 2008

Si. Special K looked a bit shell-shocked to be with the Bat, the Bat’s Hole, and a few other players and hangers-on.

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