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18 10 2008

We’re going to the World Series….

Not sure how many times I’ll get to say that in my life.

We’re there.  We’re going to win.  Perman and I are getting a share (probably about twice as much as Eaton is getting…did anyone else see him smiling and celebrating like he ACTUALLY contributed ANYTHING to this….Seriously…he has the best job in baseball.  I used to think Bullpen Catcher was a hot job…hold the phone!!!! how about making approximately 6 million a year to be shitty..and still getting to have champagne…are you kidding me…If i had any say I would get LIVE on him…eg: ‘Yo, Eaton, good party right?’ and he would be all like..’yeah this is great’..and then I would say ‘so what are you doing here?’ then he would be like ‘what do you mean?’, and me; “seriously dude, get the fuck out of here, no one wants you around’…like those high school partys where you always had to make the geeky guy feel bad for trying to fit in)….(I can say that actually… I WAS that geeky guy in high school…I still might be actually)… I guess in a round about way I’m saying…. I feel bad for Eaton being so shitty.  Although at the same time, if my boss knew how shitty I was at work she would have hidden me in the bullpen by now too.  I guess some people are better at faking it….back to the point (read skip that whole last paragraph)

we deserve it.

Dear Pat

you are the bat

you hate girls.. that are fat.

You get big hits

late innings you sit(s)

You bought you’re wife some massive fake tits

You look really great

Standing at the plate

Heart full of hate

For the girls who don’t keep your DR*’s Private

But the sexycrimes knows

as your legend grows

It’s better to keep such things quiet.

Next time we come

to your Stadium

And cheer on your Bum

Remember that if it wasn’t for our blog and our cut-out Burrell faces on our pilgrimage to philly you wouldn’t be where you are right now…. we made you pat… we f-ing made you…would it kill you to smile at us? Would it?…. Wily Mo Pena loved us in Seattle (and we were trashing him)…. even after we told Coco that his straight brim didn’t quite fly with whitey.  We flew thousands of miles to see your face and all you did was ignore us….


You are our chum?

Did that poem work out as well as I thought it did?

*DR stands for date rape.

If anyone has tickets, a place to stay, a tent, a doghouse, a blanket…anything.  Please let us know.  Perman and I can get the days off…we can rent a car and apparently park it anywhere we want in south philly (that is fucked by the way)… We can get the flights, we can drink in the lot.. we’ll even re-create the press photo of shirtless Pat bicep curling in the dressing room (I just spent half an hour trying to find them on facebook…WHERE ARE THEY…epic photo shoot)….anyone with any kind of groundline… let me know… We are rich as hell…we don’t give a flying whatever, we don’t even give a hell (has anyone else seen the Kellen Winslow video)…. If you have something for us let us know….. we can be there for games 3,4,5….. all we need is a groundline….

Was I just begging there? maybe…I’m not above it.  Perih enrolled every email he knew for WS tickets…. I met his sister at the bus stop today….she was like “yah, sorry Steve, I didn’t win the lottery for tickets to the Phillies that I didnt’ even sign up for”… I told her it was okay… about 30 people called me in the last 2 days and were like…”sorry, I didn’t win the tickets…” Perman tried…. he tried alright… But it’s okay…pretty sure that Burrell….or at least the gay guy who loves feliz and thinks me and perman are gay together (hilarious email we got from a sexyfan who thinks we do each other) will come through

See you guys on saturday… maybe in your backyard, maybe in a ditch, maybe looking for places to live in with Pat…it is what it is… we will try to be there

I don’t want to say they can’t win without us…. they can….but it would be much better if we were there.

-prystline…thinks he is super funny on friday nights.




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18 10 2008
October 18, 2008 - #1 « Spoonful of Peanut Butter

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19 10 2008
porn star

So, you guys got my message after all. I’m the guy who really likes Feliz. I tried posting it several times, but never saw it on the comments.

BTW, I didn’t say I thought you guys were fooling around, I just asked if you were and if you were really gay. You got to admit the way you talk is highly suggestive of such things (and fun to think about).

Anyway, I’m surprised you haven’t repeated any of the rumors about your Burrell friend and guys. There’ve been several said on the internet, and we all know how accurate that is.

If you want to respond, you can email me at the address I put in the comments section (or catch me, scott patrick, on

20 10 2008

Not sure if you guys have seen this yet..

Front page baby!

20 10 2008

Hey guys – what’s a groundline????

21 10 2008

a groundline comes from the term “hit me with a groundline”, meaning basically hit me with some information on the situation.

i think prystline may have been a little lenient with his artistic liscence when looking at his usage here.. but i think you can put 2 and 2 together

22 10 2008

prystline might have been a little lenient with his cocktail limit before writing this post

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