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24 10 2008
tbs took the "h" from ruiz's nickname and added it to his statline

tbs took the "h" from ruiz's nickname and added it to his statline

all the little things went wrong for the phils in the game last night starting from the very first inning.  werth being unable to cleanly pick up that single cost the phillies one run and maybe two depending on if iwamura would have tried to run on werths arm.  from that point it was a series of soft hits (all singles btw) from tbay, bad situational hitting from the phils, a series of errors, and embarrassing umpiring that ended up with a 4-2 phils loss.  here at the sexy crimes we always try to keep everything in positive town, so we aren’t going to harp on the negatives from the game, but rather celebrate the positives that have come out of the 1-1 series split in tampa. 

1. myers > shields:looking at the stat lines tells a different story, but “big game” james couldn’t even make it through the 6th inning and was hit hard and often thoughout.  he did get himself out of jams several times, but whether that was due to his pitching or the phils lack of situational hitting is left to opinion.  myers on the other hand only had about 2 or 3 hard hit balls off him the whole game, and was hard luck to give up 4 runs.  bottom line, i would take this matchup again.  

2. c”h”ooch: who expected this, 2 for 2 with 2 walks and 2 doubles ripped down the line.  toss a stolen base and another solid performance behind the plate and this was a hell of game for our much maligned catcher.  

3. not completely werth-less: lets face it, last nights game isn’t exactly going to go into kim schofield werth’s dvd collection as one of her sons all time great games, but it wasn’t all that bad.  sure the error in the field and on the basepaths were huge, and the 2 strikeouts didn’t come at the best moments, but he did he have a nice throw to get baldelli at the plate in the 2nd inning and his non-hits in the 1st and 9thinning were both absolutely rocked at longoria, and not even the sure handed 3rd basemen could handle either of them.  look for a big game out of the stone cold pimp back at home.  

4. ry-how found some timing: 2 hits and 2 well hit balls that happened to go into the shift, if he keeps up this up he’s be sure to deposit a ball or two into the cbp stands this weekend.   

5. the bat: he’s still as handsome and hilarious as ever

6. the phenom?: i wasn’t exactly blown away with this guys performance. sure, he got some keys outs, but he looked shaky, threw a lot of balls, and got hit hard several times (including by the brutlette). so let’s just say i am not exactly terrified of seeing old “he of 7 games experience, yet everyone talks about him like he is the second coming of christ” later on in the series

7. bossman junior: first of all, that is the most embarassing nickname in the history of the world. i also really enjoy the fact that his dad isn’t just known as “the bossman”, but actually “the original bossman”. on a baseball note however i enjoyed watching bj hit into another double play and manage to get thrown out by roughly 5 feet (even though he’s super fast) and looking like he plays the game with the general malaise of someone who would rather be shooting a dice game with his homies
ray traylor would like to have a word with bj's dad regarding who exactly is the orignal bossman
ray traylor would like to have a word with bj’s dad regarding who exactly is the orignal bossman

8. the umpire: as poorly as the game went we were 2 very poor calls away from possibly being in a 3-3 ball game.  you can’t really blame the umpire though, i mean look at the guy… you expect his eyes to work properly when he has to look at that mug every day in the mirror?

not even his mother can love this... he should think about procreating with tj simers daughter
not even his mother can love this… he should think about procreating with tj simers daughter

the fact of the matter is that we got out of the trop with a split and we have yet to hit our stride… chances are that is not going to continue, we will break out of this slump at the plate.  the phillies didn’t deserve to win last night at all, but they were still only a couple of bounces away from taking it and had the tying runs on howards bat in the 9th inning.  the rays didn’t so much win that game as they managed to not lose it, and philly has set the pace in both of the games this series… ON THE ROAD!  This beerleaguer article sums up pretty much exactly how i feel after 2 games.





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25 10 2008

it wasnt the worst game I have ever seen.

heres my breakdown:

Myers: Was he moonlighting as Hamels and making TB cry? No, but he sure pitched a solid game. i keep pitch count on a bar tap slip and he pitched less, with more effectiveness than pretty boy Shields.

Ruiz: There should be Mariachi’s playing when he comes to the plate. Solid performance both at bat and behind the plate.

PBait: Deserves a WS trophy for being alive. His concentration and follow through at the plate gets me fired up. Best swing in baseball.

Werth: He had a rough game but I wont dog him about the error in field or the debacle on base. He is a good player.

Rollins/ RH: Glad to see some rudimentary production out of these 2, but we need more and lots of it. If we were making something out of 25% of who we leave on base we would have CRUSHED TB in both games. CRUSHED!

Im not worried as TB is in for a rude awakening when they come to the house that Philly built. It is a different ballgame when your in Philly; not that POS domed “stadium” some call tropicana field. I call it “Tropicant see the damn ball because the roof is white you idiot asshole architects poopfield.”

Get pumped, get loose, get ready. This IS our time in Americas birth-town.


26 10 2008

I love you sexy criminals. No one else brightens my day like you. If oyu ever do make that next pilgrimage to CPB, make a detour to Allentown (1 hour north of Philly) and come party with some local fans (meaning me).

26 10 2008

There’s someone else from the Lehigh Valley here? Wow.

27 10 2008

Hey me 3. I was born and raised in Allentown. Currently residing in Reading–the birthplace of the ‘Bait’

27 10 2008

Apparently the Lehigh Valley loves the sexy criminals. Maybe we should form a fan club.

27 10 2008

Sexy Crimes Pants Party at Coca-Cola Park with the IronPigs?

30 10 2008

That could be fun! Silver Patron can be our official drink.

4 11 2008

who are you people and why arent we having sexy crimes pants parties in Allentown?

ill bring the patron

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