and on the fifth day cole hamels delivered a world series

27 10 2008
and on the fifth day cole hamels delivered a world series

9 out of 10 philadelphians pray to cole hamels over god

from the time when the rays qualified for the world series all people could talk about was the huge advantage that tampa had over philadelphia in the starting pitching department.  i didn’t buy it for a second, first of all hamels is by far and away the best pitcher in the series and i don’t think anyone would argue that.  myers and shields was pretty much a wash for me and that is pretty much how that matchup played out.  the rays seemed to have the advantage in the garza-moyer matchup, but everyone was totally writing jamie off because of a couple rough playoff outings even though the guy won 16 games this year and eats up teams like florida and tampa because of their young impatient hitters.  finally last nights matchup, the couple of times i had seen that sonnanstine character pitch i wasn’t very impressed and even though kentucky joes numbers were far from outstanding during the season, he still hadn’t been charged with a loss since joining the phils and was the opening day starter for the a’s this season.  needless to say i was less than surprised to watch the phils outpitch the rays all series

tonight is the night where cole hamels cements his status.  we have all heard the hamel’isms from this guy about how he wants to win cy youngs, throw no-no’s and win rings… so you know he is going to absolutely bring it tonight.

fearless forecast: hamels 7 2/3, 8 ks, 1er, 4 hits.  phils win 5-1


ps. when hamels locks this game up i am going to very disappointed if dave montgomery doesn’t come down to the clubhouse with a bag full of money and tells hamels to reach in and grab whatver he wants.  we need to sign this guy long term yesterday!




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29 10 2008
29 10 2008

i think god was a little pissed off that i said that more philadephians prayed to cole hamels than to him… hence him raining down hell on philly for 3 days straight

30 10 2008

maybe haha–but i think we were forgiven….

you have no idea how brutal it really was here. 50mph wind gusts, horizontal rain, freezing cold 20degree wind chills. it was a misery.

but on the 3rd day, light shown through and the skies cleared. God said let there be baseball, and so there was.

rejoicing could be heard through the streets and the greatest city in America once again stood on the crest of greatness…admiring the view from the top–

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