pat the bat rides in style

31 10 2008

if at the beginning of the season you would have had me guess the player that would be leading the world series parade on his own budweiser horse drawn carraige behind 8 clydesdales i would have told you to immediately fuck off because there is only one player on the planet who could be worthy of such a sentiment… and that player of course is none other than our main man and our muse patrick brian burrell the third (huge shout out to from the fightins for these awesome photos, damn i wish i lived in philly!)

this cart was supposed to be full of bud lights, but pat drank all of them last night

this cart was supposed to be full of bud lights, but pat drank all of them last night

 i can’t imagine pat being more happy in his life, riding along the streets of philadelphia with his dog sitting right behind him and having his best friend and soulmate lying there with him as well (in case it wasn’t obvious i’m going with michelle as the former and elvis as the latter in that explanation btw).  if this is pat the bats last ride in philly (and it’s looking more and more like it may be…single tear) at least he went out the way we all wanted him to… if only the wind hadn’t drifted that ball so far to the right on monday, i think my world have have exploded more than it already has.  going to sign off here with another picture of the bat in his signature celebration pose

this looks familiar

this looks familiar

heres hoping we get to see the bat with this pose again in a phillies uniform

heres hoping we get to see the bat with this pose again in a phillies uniform





6 responses

1 11 2008
Feliz's beard

If the bait leaves will you blog about the phils or pat?

3 11 2008

Great Question beard. We have spoken about this at length. We started loving the phillies for many reasons. The Bat was basically #1, but he is not the only reason. We love him “with all our heart” (Only perman will get that reference from our trip this weekend to watch the Eagles dismantle the Seahawks in Seattle), but there is no way that we could ever turn our backs on the phils now… we have invested way too much love (and in Perman’s case, money… on Jerseys, hats, neon lights, and whatever else is for sale) to stop blogging about them.

We will never stop loving the phillies….Ever…same goes for Pat.

Basically, we will be blogging about both….especially if he signs with Seattle… We live 2 short hours from Safeco. If he signs there, he is going to be stalked. You thought Lindsay Lohan had it bad…..

3 11 2008

His poor wife; she spent all afternoon staring at TWO horse’s asses.

4 11 2008

Actually Eric I think It was 8. There were 8 horses pulling the bat’s wagon.

Funny comment though.

6 11 2008

I am sooo glad I found this site. Absolutely, flipping wonderful.
Do you know where I can get a GOOD copy of Pat’s victory speech at CBP?

All of the local stations have it on their site, but I just want a clear copy of Pat’s speech to download to my Blackberrry.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!


7 11 2008

i wrote Pats speech for him–Ill make you an audio tape

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