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15 11 2008

It finally hit me today…. About 1pm pacific time… The Phils won the world series… the whole thing!!! all of it!

Like a sack of hammers… sitting at my desk…. reading a story about Moyer going back to Seattle and everyone being happy for him…

Jesus…. The Philbags won the World Fucking Series….

I was jacked up when Lidge closed it out, but it wasn’t until now (about 2 weeks later) that I actually FELT it.

but let’s get to some real talk:

P the B: He cannot be replaced… it’s a well known fact that he is the glue in the clubhouse… lose him now and we don’t repeat…. everything I have heard points to the phils not re-upping him.

Prystline refuses to believe that.  The man wants to come back, the owners just increased the ticket prices… lets give him 12-15 mill over 5 years (the babes he brings to the park are worth at least 8 mill a year).  We’ll make Elvis the bat dog…The sexy criminals will do anything for him (I’ll cook, Perman will…..nevermind)

Wasted…. love the bat…love Wendy and GTO’s Burgeoning relationship even more.

let’s root for them in the offseason.

Congrats to Pujols on his silver slugger award…. It must be easy to accept a prize knowing that you aren’t even the best hitter at your own position.

Nice 3rd place finish this year stud




4 responses

15 11 2008
scandalous wendy

How they can even consider not resigning the bat is beyond me. I’ll pitch in to help too, I’ll clean since Perman will have “everything else” tied up.
And thank you for the nod to myself and little studmuffin GTO. Text message rape will do for now but I’m sure we’ll have that sans pants party one of these days. And that’s REAL TALK.

17 11 2008

i plead the 5th

17 11 2008
scandalous wendy

Haha, still afraid of that cougar talk. Don’t worry I won’t hurt you (much).

20 11 2008

my life sucks. utley is injured, and my head hurts

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